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Yesterday the Brewers were bestowed the honour of becoming Pastors Emeriti of Nackawic (Ryan Farrell) during a special Celebration Sunday. Carl and Evelyn served as Co-Pastors for 10 years in Nackawic (1999-2009). Beginning in 2002 they participated in funding 21 wells (through World Hope Canada and other organizations). These 21 wells (at varying cost depending on location) represent more than $40,000 raised! Ryan has continued the annual “Well Walk” and is to be commended for building on the Brewers strong foundation and for celebrating their Kingdom influence.

  • National Superintendent Stephen Elliott is pleased to announce the first website for The Wesleyan Church of Canada. Stay tuned for details regarding the 2019 National Conference!

  • Yesterday launched the first Sunday morning worship service for New Hope Kingston (Scott Prime) with 68 in attendance! Total attendance including the Kentville location was 274 (an increase of 24% over the same Sunday last year). So grateful for the Kingdom multiplication of this trusted leader and awesome church in reaching a neighbouring community!

  • Presque Isle (Bud Fancy) had over 1000 people show up for the annual Big Top Bash last week. 900 pounds of candy were given away as 70 volunteers worked games and puppet shows. Children’s Pastor Debbie did an amazing job putting this together and sharing the message of Christ through her black light puppet event at the end of the night. Hundreds of balloons dropped from the ceiling as hundreds of kids pounced on them looking for prizes. Within five minutes of opening the doors there were people lining up to have hot dogs, nachos and home baked desserts donated by the church family. While kids walked out with their bags and buckets overflowing with candy parents walked out with an arm full of baked goods and everyone felt loved by the church. This event has become a community expectation and an effective on-ramp for new guests.

  • Yarmouth (AJ Plaizier) hosted a very effective community connection last week with their Trunk-n-Treat (pictured above). Corbett Avenue (Jason Vienneau) reports, “Last week`s Trunk-n-Treat event was a major success with 12 trunks set up in the parking lot behind the church, and over 300 people who came through!”

  • This week Maple Ridge (Mike Agrell) has been doing their own version of Love Week branded as “Off the Ridge Week.” The goal was to show God’s love everywhere within 30 minutes of our church. Reports of what this church family have done are posted @ Mike shares, “Andrew Maves’ (Digby) words from our Contextual Effectiveness – 150 day stand out to me, ‘Why not here?’ The highlight of this week has been Trunk-n-Treat. We moved it ‘off the ridge’ to Nackawic Elementary School. We served 730 (300 last year) of our neighbours! The schools in our area total around 600 kids. Who can say they’ve reached over 100% of their target audience!? Unchurched parents kept asking, ‘You aren’t charging anything?’ And saying things like, ‘This is so thoughtful, it’s so nice to have something like this here.’” Well done MRWC! #contextualeffectiveness

  • The Caton’s Island Session of the Camp Board met this Friday as Executive Director Andrea Gunter chaired an excellent meeting exploring a detailed plan for the Choate Dining Hall Expansion required as the next capital project in Director Dean Stephenson’s 2025 Vision. We are grateful for the expertise and passion of those on the planning team. Please contact Andrea if you would like more information about how to participate in this critical next step to more than double camper capacity.

  • With massive power outages in our region this Saturday night several churches were impacted and some had to cancel Sunday services. But not Moncton (Joel Gorveatte) – it was my first Sunday service home with my family since June – no power, no problem! Generators for sound and one light, a sunny day from God, and amazing testimonies from the Teen Challenge ministry resulted in a powerful service with nearly every seat full in the lower Celebration Centre.

  • Crosspoint (Mark Brewer) mission team enjoyed working this week in Haiti with Carl & Maya Gilles with the ladies of the team (pictured above) assisting at a women’s conference in Port-au-Prince and a community relations building opportunity with the village of Trou Chou Chou (Coconut Island). Crosspoint is engaged in a developing strategic partnership with the Wesleyan church in Coconut Island. The picture also includes GP Atlantic Missionaries Beth Churchill and Hope Graham.

  • The three groups pictured above represent what our GS Wayne Schmidt is calling the XYZ Team including a representation of leadership across our North American General Conference. It was inspiring and energizing as the XYZ Team convened for the first time last Monday and Tuesday at the 12Stone Maxwell Leadership Center in Atlanta. These are critical days as we work together to close the Gospel gap.

  • The Buckingham Leadership Institute hosted a two-day Believability Tour in Yarmouth and Halifax this week. Pastor B reports, “It was encouraging as well as exciting to see 508 inspired kneaders in attendance at the Nova Scotia believability tour. There were 103 churches of all denominations represented. Of course, the most important factor will be next steps.” One pastor who attended shared, “This event has propelled our board and volunteer teams ahead by two years, all in one day!”

THOT: You will never give yourself to any cause that can compare with this life-changing, even world-changing, call of God. No matter how many honors, awards, or achievements may be placed in your hands, nothing can even begin to compare with this command of our Lord Jesus Christ to help take His message of love and forgiveness to every person, in every community, in every city, in every country of the world, and make disciples of all nations. (Bill Bright)

On Second THOT: The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. (Tertullian)

Bonus THOT: The world is not a friend of grace. (HC Wilson)

For more information and to register please check out the event page.

November 9 – Moncton
November 10 – Halifax

The Ascent Base Camp is a one-day immersion in the vision, values, tools and training that are required for the church planting venture. You will learn from seasoned church planters and get input from church planting strategists who will help you discern if this “climb” is one you should attempt.

• Senior leaders who bring along younger leaders they are working with.
• Young leaders who may not yet know how God has gifted and called them.
• Anyone who is curious about the calling and challenges of church planting.
• Students who are discerning God’s call for future ministry.
• Those considering a call to ministry, regardless of the specific field, or path.

Like climbing a mountain peak, church planting requires much preparation and skill. The vistas from the peak are not reached without strict training, Spirit-dependency, and much prayer. Many hazards line the path up the mountain. As you consider the call God may be placing on your life – and specifically the potential of planting a church – wisdom would advise that you gain insight from those who have gone before.

Base Camp is just one step along the journey, but as you consider God’s call, it may be that Base Camp will clarify and strengthen your call and your resolve.

• Early Bird Rate – $20 per person
• One Week Prior – $25 per person

For more information and to register:

January 9-12, 2019
Orlando, Florida at The Caribe Royale

More than a minister’s conference. The Gathering is a reunion of ministry family and friends. A sabbath for our souls. Coming together to stop, rest, pray, play and thrive.  A chance to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and ministry through meals, stories, inspiration and worship.  We know this will be a gathering you won’t want to miss! 

In EFC’s Canada Watch (Oct/Nov), the lead article by David Guretzhi deals with the question “How do Christians live out our witness in this new context?” It is both inspiring and challenging—well worth reading.

The Oct/Nov Canada Watch edition also contains an article on Renegotiating Faith. CCD Pastor Rick Hiemstra explains the research in a 25 minute interview or watch the 45-minute webinar recorded in early October featuring key members of the research team.

Another valuable resource from EFC is the Palliative Care Toolkit.  View the booklet online or request your own copies at 1-866-302-3362 (toll-free). EFC is requesting prayer for their submission against Expanding Access to Assisted Suicide.  Read the background story.

Keep up with what the EFC is doing as they seek to be a positive influence and to apply biblical principles to contemporary issues.



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