Becoming a Credentialed Minister of the Wesleyan Church

DBMD - District Board of Ministerial Development

The process of becoming a Credentialed Minister in the Wesleyan Church requires you to complete academic courses, fulfill practical ministry requirements in a Wesleyan Church, and work through an extensive process with our District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD).

The journey of exploring your sense of Kingdom calling is worthy of serious consideration regardless of the ultimate outcome. If you begin the process of becoming a Credentialed Minister and then it becomes clear that this isn’t where God is leading you, there is still work for you to do in God’s kingdom. We will celebrate this with you!

Below you will find a step-by-step outline of what the process looks like, links to the forms you will need to complete, and information that will be helpful throughout the journey.

Ordination is the highest honour bestowed on any Believer by the Church. While we are part of the priesthood of all Believers, there is a higher calling through the gateway of submission to authority in being affirmed as one with the gifts and graces for the office and work of Kingdom leadership as a Credentialed Minister.

Peter Moore, Atlantic District Superintendent

First Steps Towards Credentialing

  1. Review: Guide to Exploring the Call – https://cdn.www.wesleyan.org/wesleyanit/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/05142754/Guide-to-Exploring-the-Call-8-31-23-3.pdf
  2. Become a Member of The Wesleyan Church.
  3. Have your local church LBA (Local Board of Administration) fill out and submit the Initial LBA Recommendation https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ1C2b.
  4. Fill out and submit the DBMD 1: Personal Data Inventory – https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ090w on or before March 1st. This is a two-part form, so be sure to complete the second potion by following the link at the end of Part One.
  5. Included in the Personal Data Inventory, and future DBMD forms in subsequent years, you will be required to review and accept the following forms:
    1. Guides and Helps to Holy Living – https://www.atlanticdistrict.com/ghhl
    2. Sexual Purity and Freedom – https://www.atlanticdistrict.com/pf
  6. Have three people, your pastor, a board member, and an unrelated member of your church, fill out and submit the DBMD 2: Initial Reference – https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ0UEz on or before March 1st.
  7. Attend an initial Zoom interview with the DBMD, the date of which will be communicated to you after all your forms have been submitted.
  8. Enrol as a Ministerial Student by following this link and completing the form. https://wesleyan.my.site.com/ministerialdevelopmentportal/s/enroll?language=en_US
  9. Begin, if you haven’t already, working on the required educational requirements. This is the guide for what courses are required: https://cdn.www.wesleyan.org/wesleyanit/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/04153659/1-1-24-Required-Course-of-TWC.pdf

Fulfilling Annual Requirements

  1. After you’re granted standing as a Ministerial Student, you must complete 1 year as a Ministerial Student regardless of courses completed or age.
  2. Complete at least 2 courses towards your credentialing requirements per year.
  3. Maintain your membership with the Wesleyan Church.
  4. Seek an Appointed Position in a Wesleyan Church, as you are required to serve the equivalent of two years full-time in an appointed position to complete your credentialing process. (What is an Appointed Position in the Wesleyan Church? You can read further details in the Wesleyan Discipline – Part 6 – Chapter 3 – Ministerial Appointments – Section 3250 – 3391. Essentially, it is an official position, full-time, part-time, paid or volunteer, in a Wesleyan Ministry that is specifically approved by the District Conference each year.)
  5. When you have completed the 7 primary courses and accepted an Appointed Position in a Wesleyan Church, you may be granted standing as a Licensed Minister. Those courses are:
    1. Old Testament Intro
    2. New Testament Intro
    3. Methods of Bible Study
    4. Wesleyan History/Discipline
    5. Intro to Theology
    6. Doctrine of Holiness
    7. Church Leadership/Management

You can find a full chart of courses here: https://cdn.www.wesleyan.org/wesleyanit/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/04153659/1-1-24-Required-Course-of-TWC.pdf

  1. Annually, between January 1st and March 1st, complete and submit the DBMD 3: Yearly Questionnaire – https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ0Urw.
  2. Attend an annual Zoom Interview with the DBMD, the date of which will be communicated to you after all your forms have been submitted.

Preparing for Ordination

  1. Having completed all the course requirements and served the equivalent of two years in a full-time appointed position in the Wesleyan Church you will be eligible to advance to the Ordination/Commissioning Interview!
  2. Ordination interviews will be held in March or April, in-person at the District Office in Moncton, NB. If you are married, the DBMD will need to speak briefly with your spouse as part of this interview.
  3. You must fill out and submit the DBMD 5: Credentialing Questionnaire – https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ1A5a on or before March 1st. This is a two-part form, so be sure to complete the second potion by following the link at the end of Part One. This is an extensive form that should be completed as professionally as possible. You can download an outline of the content to prepare your answers by following this link: Credentialing Questionnaire Outline – https://www.atlanticdistrict.com/dbmd5
  4. You will also need to have your district superintendent, pastor, a board member and another, unrelated, member of your congregation each fill out and submit the DBMD 4: Candidate Ministry Reference Form – https://questionpro.com/t/AUYooZ0Urx
  5. Following your submission of the completed questionnaire and reference forms you will be contacted with your specific meeting date and time.
  6. If your interview is successful, your name will be nominated to the District Conference in July for your election as an Ordinand.
  7. Once appointed by the District Conference you will be ordained/commissioned the following day at the annual Atlantic District Ordination Service in the Beulah Camp Tabernacle.

We will do our best to email you with updated information and links to fill out the proper forms, but this is ultimately your responsibility, so take the initiative. If you have questions, ask. If you don’t hear from us, reach out. You can email us at DBMD@atlanticdistrict.com.

Here are the Forms you will fill out over the course of this pathway:

Here is some information you will want to check out:



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