It’s Monday Again

  Congratulations to our six newly Ordained Ministers on the Atlantic District!
Rev. Parker Davis (Framework)
Rev. Jacqui Hill (Deep Water)
Rev. Liz Hoyt (Moncton)
Rev. Bradford Jordan (Blacks Harbour)
Rev. Victoria Rowe (Framework)
Rev. Ron Winters (Kings)
In a brief 25-minute Zoom ceremony this Wednesday, Dr. Steve Elliott joined DBMD Chair, Rev. Dale MacDonald, and myself to lead in the Act of Ordination for the Class of 2020. The service was preceded with a short visit and surprise live greeting from Dr. Wayne Schmidt. CLICK HERE to view the three-minute video of his comments for the Ordinands of all districts. All six will join the Ordinand Class of 2021 at the Beulah Tabernacle next summer. #raisingleaders
A touching moment in the Ordination Ceremony was shared by Rev. Dave Rowe (Crosspoint) just before offering the Prayer of Enduemnet for his daughter and the other five. He displayed the laminated cherished note on the left which was doodled by Victoria as a young girl 20 years ago on the day he was Ordained in the Beulah Tabernacle. Then Dave displayed the note on the right which he will give to his daughter once the border opens. Only God knows all the intertwined generations of the Ordained through the branches of our Atlantic family tree in the district’s 132-year spiritual heritage. #spiritualfoundations

Five years ago this weekend Carl & Evelyn Brewer restarted Hope Wesleyan Church in Shelburne, NS. Current Lead Pastor Joanne Ozon shared, “[Yesterday] we celebrated Hope Wesleyan’s 5th Anniversary. God held the key tightly in His hand and resurrected life once again! We serve an AMAZING and on time GOD.” CLICK HERE to enjoy this video celebration of the church’s rebirth.Joanne & Mike have demonstrated Spirit-filled resolve and sacrificial leadership this year in her on-going battle with cancer and back complications. In a conversation with her this Tuesday, Joanne shared with tears how much she has been impacted by the ministry of the tribe with hospital visits by Shawn Craven, Brad Eisan, & Vince Robertson as well as timely technical support and coaching during COVID-19 from Tom Cann, AJ Plaizier, & Kevin Myers with pulpit supply from Natalie Gidney. #strongertogether

This week all credentialed ministers appointed to a local church will receive an email with information about your assigned Pastor Cluster Leader (pictured above) and the other members of your group. This reconfiguration of our pastoral zones into 25 Pastor Clusters will include three components each month: Pastoral Development, 2025 Vision, & Cluster Community.Any lay ministers on staff in our churches and/or any credentialed ministers under appointment other than a local church, may also contact me if you would like to join a Pastor Cluster. Questions always welcome as we embrace this important step forward.

New Pastor Orientation was held at Beulah Camp on Friday for new Lead Pastors, first-time staff and newly credentialed ministers under district appointment. Karrilee, Tami, & I enjoyed our interaction with this excellent group of Kingdom leaders!
Executive Director Tami Mutch-Ketch chaired the Beulah Session of the Camp Board this Thursday at Heartland. Board members committed unanimously to an action-oriented advisory posture as they received positive reports of Virtual Beulah Family Camp and the success of the “Bring your Bubble to Beulah” summer staycation campaign. Check out the details below for the Open House event this Saturday!
Aaron Reimer (Island) shared, “One of the guys in our Root Group had a friend who has been going through a rough time. We got together for a couple hours before our weekly meeting to split and deliver a load of wood to him.” #contextualeffectiveness
It was Mental Wellness Week at Kingswoood University. This annual focus goes deeper in awareness of self and others, as wellness is examined. Natalie Mansvelt, RCT-C, CCC and Tricia Wilson, Graduate Intern, both therapists in the KU Counselling Centre, discussed the topic Accept the Unexpected. CLICK HERE to watch these insights – thanks to these skilled Kingdom leaders for this timely ministry.
Points to Ponder
  • If you want to kick cynicism in the teeth, trust again. Hope again. Trust again. (Carey Nieuwhof)
  • Sometimes you have to heal in a different place than where you were hurt. (Luke Anderson)
  • Sabbath was a gift of rest, but we’ve turned into an expectation for intensity. (Larry Osborne)

OPEN HOUSE: New Beulah Camp Activity Center
WHEN: Saturday, October 10th @ 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Lower level of Heritage Hall
WHAT: Come check out the new fitness equipment and many activities to enjoy
CLICK HERE to enjoy the “Hey Beulahgins” promo video!

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
  • Check out these great resources above at – we are blessed by the many ways our denominational leadership serves the front lines of the local church.

Another great resource to serve the church has been recently developed by our very own Pete Benson. A three-part video series specifically addressing the “COVID Crisis and Your Personal Finances” is freely shared for your personal use and for use within your church as you seek to empower and disciple your congregation in this critical area. CLICK HERE to access the three videos. A 10-minute preview of Part One will be sure to convince you to make use of this valuable resource with your church family.

Attention Youth Pastors: Interested in a 7-week program developed by Wesleyan leaders in the Northwest District? Click HERE to access all the details of this premium resource.The Next Gen department (Zach Coffin) will be hosting multiple collaborative webinars this fall, so be sure to add yourself or invite your team to join our Next Gen Facebook Group to ensure you are the first to know!



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