It’s Monday Again

He is Risen, just as He said!
Reports are coming in from around the region and several of our churches saw new pandemic-high attendance as this weekend marked the second Good Friday & Easter celebrations of COVID-19. These are encouraging signs for the fall trajectory of increasing potential for in-person engagement with vaccines becoming available to greater numbers in both Maine and Atlantic Canada.
  • Journey (Matt Maxwell) offered two services yesterday with a combined attendance well over the 300 mark. Matt shared, “My heart is full and so is the church, plus a great online crowd still watching.”
  • The Lord blessed The Ridge (Mike Agrell) with three baptisms yesterday including two children – which completed baptisms for their whole family! When asked what baptism means, one young girl shared, “It’s a way I show God that my heart is open to Him.
  • Easton (Rich Thomas) added to the celebration of Easter yesterday with the reception of five new members – next Sunday two more will also be offered the right hand of fellowship! It is exciting to see these days of growth.
  • Six South Shore churches. Two denominations. One cross and Christ. A combined online only Good Friday service was prerecorded at a coffee shop to bring the church together with one Gospel voice. CLICK HERE to check out this anointed and powerful expression of unity for the Shore.
  • Framework (Bud Fancy) had 568 in their multiple services. Bud shared, “We still have hundreds of people that are staying away from crowds until they get their vaccines. It was a great turnout and the services were powerful!”
  • West Head (Vince Roberston) celebrated a baptism for a man who came to Christ last week and they also took in two new members – Praise God for a life transformed! There were 42 present at a 6:00 a.m. Easter breakfast and 92 in the service. The weekend also included a family “Amazing Race” event in addition to the first nursing home service that Vince has been able to offer in-person for 55 weeks. Vince shared, “People cried as we sang and worshipped!”
The final 2021 Lead Pastor evaluation this week resulted in a unanimous Lower BrightonLBA recommendation for a four-year Pastoral Recall for Jacob Ebbett. A congregational vote will be held later this month. We met in the youth room – that’s an impressive board table, Jacob!
  • Crystal (Lisa Graden) LBA interviewed Luc Reed this Saturday and have extended a unanimous invitation for him to candidate as Lead Pastor on April 25th.
The second session of the Atlantic District Vision Team took place for 4+ hours on Wednesday. We are grateful for the leadership of Senior Lead Navigator, Mike Gammill as he guides us through the Auxano process to rediscover our post-pandemic district vision which will be shared at the January 2022 Ministerial at Kings (Valley Location). This investment is already beginning to shape some new ways for better days ahead!
Special thanks to the eleven churches who have already committed to the fall Mobilization Pipeline Cohort which will be offered by Jon Wiest (Groundswell). The third training and overview Zoom was completed on Tuesday night as these 11 churches will be leading the Breakout Room Exercises during the six 90-minute fall sessions. More detail will be shared pre-summer about how your church can benefit by participating this fall.
Parker Davis (Framework) shared an exciting announcement this week about Riverside Camp this summer! CLICK HERE to hear the good news. And speaking of great camp news…
We are delighted to welcome Gail-Anne Brown to the BCCC management team as part-time Conference Coordinator.  Gail-Anne’s years of experience in the Royal Service at The Algonquin Resort in addition to her expertise as a caregiver, positions her with the skills, competence and passion to oversee Conference Center bookings (including lodging, food and housekeeping services)
You may contact Gail-Anne at or (506) 343-3107.
The Future is Bright: An online gala event!
Join World Hope International Canada on May 14 @ 8:00 p.m. AST / 7:00 p.m. EST for the second annual online gala event! CEO Tanya Nace shares, “Come hang out with us, have fun, and be inspired by the transformative projects that empower kids so they have a chance at a bright future!” CLICK HERE to RSVP.
BLI has impacted & empowered 1273 church influencers and 240 local churches… and they’re just getting started. Join BLI Online by scheduling a 15-minute call with one of our team members. CLICK HERE for a full overview and next steps.
Easter Point to Ponder
  • When Jesus rose again, the announcement was limited to a single individual named Mary. It seemed to spread. (James Emery White)

With camps capped at 90 again this year, you are encouraged to apply soon to ensure access to your preferred dates. As one of only four overnight camps that operated across Canada last summer, the impressive Caton’s staff are ready to lead another COVID-free experience to share Jesus!

Many Next Gen (Youth & Children) Ministry leaders enjoyed FUEL on February 19-20 with hundreds of participating churches. CLICK HERE to access sixteen video breakouts for your church staff and volunteer training.

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
Check out these great resources above at – we are blessed by the many ways our denominational leadership serves the front lines of the local church.

World Hope Canada CEO Tanya Nace highlights that their annual Mother’s Day and Father’s Day project has been gaining popularity for the following reasons:
  1. Churches don’t have to worry about unintentionally hurting individuals who have not been able to be mothers or fathers
  2. This project saves the church time (and often money) because no shopping or preparations are needed to honour mothers and fathers
  3. This year, a financial gift in honour of mothers and fathers will relieve some of the pressure from COVID regulations of giving items to people
  4. The church as a whole gives a gift to help mothers and fathers who are vulnerable and hurting around the world
  5. The church promotes an outward need that is global in nature while honouring the parents (whether biological or heart) in their congregation.
This year, we are using our tapped water project, TapEffect for our Mother’s and Father’s Day project!  Grab more info in this PDF here and click here for a video to share with your congregation!

CLICK HERE for A Special Announcement from President Steve Lennox
We’re concerned about the effects of the ongoing pandemic on churches and pastors. Those of us at Kingswood University want to help. We’re offering several free resources for local churches and pastors:
  • Sermons: We’ve recorded two sermons which churches can use to provide a respite for those preaching. We plan to provide more sermons in the coming weeks.
  • Greeting and update: We have included a brief video update on how God has been working at Kingswood University during the past 10 months. Churches deserve to know how we’re stewarding their investment.
  • Free classes: Pastors may welcome the opportunity to sit in on a virtual class session to learn more about a topic of interest. The care package contains a list of classes and syllabi for those classes. Anyone interested can contact our Registrar for more information or to register ( or 506-432-4406).
  • Seminar on Personal Wellness: We’ve provided a video file to a seminar presented by Dr. Allen Lee, Professor of Christian Counselling at Kingswood University.
  • Youth group: Seasoned youth speakers, Shaun Miller and Zach Painter, are happy to lead a virtual youth service for an evening. If COVID-related restrictions allow, this could be done in-person. Anyone interested should contact

Great news – a tentative plan has been approved that will allow for an on-site six-day Beulah Family Camp 2021! Here are just a few of the plans which are based on the assumption of at least a Maritime Bubble. Final decisions will be determined when the DBA convenes in late April.
  • The six-day camp will begin with an evening service on Tuesday, July 6 and concluding with a morning service on Sunday, July 11.
  • A full four-day program for kids and youth will be scheduled during the mornings of  Wednesday – Saturday and each of these days will offer a morning and evening service in the Tabernacle.
  • District Conference will be held on Thursday, July 8.
  • Ordination will be held for the Class of 2020 & 2021 on Friday, July 9 with President Lennox preaching and National Superintendent Steve Elliott presiding.
  • Save-A-Seat online registration has been purchased and will be used to preregister all services, programs, and dining hall meals which will be limited based on physical distancing regulations.
  • Our Camp Evangelist will be Rev. Jon Wiest (pending border/quarantine restrictions)


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