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He just celebrated his birthday on Saturday. This mid-summer edition of IMA will feature our top leader. Our General Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Schmidt, is an incredible gift and blessing to The Wesleyan Church. If you ever get a chance to meet him, he will gently invite you to just call him, “Wayne” – even in a group setting.

CLICK HERE for the greeting from his desk provided for district conferences across North America this summer. His sincere love for Kingdom leaders strengthens our hearts. His passion to inspire spiritual maturity and growth in others through reciprocal learning both sows & reaps relational equity as recently modelled in this Disciple-Making in Everyday Places conversation below with Jeff Clark.

Our GS recently shared his passion to raise up Kingdom force, “I’m struck by how many began exploring their calling as a result of others having seen something in them. Would you pray for those whom the Spirit prompts to have an ‘ICNU’ conversation – ‘I see in you’ something you may not yet see in yourself? We bring our observations to their attention and trust the Holy Spirit to bring what is seen to conclusion. These are often transforming conversations leading to significant spiritual discernment. And pray for those who would benefit from participating in Live Sent designed to help individuals discover their calling and discern their next step (”

  • He works closely with our National Superintendent, Dr. Steve Elliott, and is a great champion for both the present and the future of The Wesleyan Church of Canada. His keynote message at the closing address of our first National Conference in August 2019 in Montreal, was an inspiring capstone to this inaugural and historic event. He remains our General Superintendent as long as TWCC is an Established National Conference.This will change when we become our own General Conference in the years ahead.
  • Wayne (he much prefers to be referenced by his first name) is a calculated steward of his voice to inform and influence foundational conversations that advance mission. If you are looking to learn more about our Wesleyan essential ecclesiology check out Dr. Wayne Schmidt’s article What’s A Church?. I highly recommend it.
And his care for the local church is not only expressed in a macro context. He is pictured above in a meeting a few months ago with the Crosspoint (Tim Guptill) LBA because he wanted to express words of encouragement for our lay leaders in this extended journey of interim leadership and transition.

Loving, growing, and raising leaders. But wait, there’s more! These traits are only eclipsed by his deep belief in and practice of a life rooted in prayer. His intercession is marked by focussed intentionality. His prayer closet has no cobwebs. He wields this weapon with consistent precision to carve paths forward in the things that matter most to the heart of God and the mission He has entrusted us to share. His prayers create a missional slipstream for those of us blessed to serve under his influence and direction. CLICK HEREfor the August edition of his monthly prayer letter. It will give you a sneak peak into the passion he has for the demands of his office. Lifting him up in prayer would be a wonderful addition to your devotional life. (To receive a monthly reminder to do so, just click the “subscribe” button in his monthly prayer update in the upper left hand corner.)

  • And this mid-summer highlight of our leader only scratches the surface. After nine years of stellar service in his role as Chief of Staff at HQ, David Drury recently posted a masterful four-part blog featuring our GS Wayne Schmidt in the final instalment of Three Domains of Legacy. CLICK HERE for a proverbial and literal front row seat to the living legacy of our GS through the insightful lens of a trustworthy shield bearer who has earned the respect of our Wesleyan tribe.
Director Dean Stephenson and his staff Caton’s Island keep expanding the water park each year, CLICK HERE to check out the new floating obstacle course! Hats off to Dean for his excellent leadership in this second year of COVID realities to navigate – all without any positive cases. Great things are happening spiritually in the camps this summer with more details to come in the weeks ahead.
The social and legal landscape of Canadian ministry is increasingly challenging – and even hostile – for those who uphold evangelical orthodoxy. It is no surprise to see the world is not a friend of grace as we hear of ongoing developments in other countries like the Finnish Member of Parliament, Päivi Räsänen. But there has been some good news in recent months for our country that is worthy of note. The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities provides a coordinated voice of influence and wisdom for the Church to experience contextual effectiveness. Here are just three summer highlights that demonstrate a few hopeful trajectories unfolding in our cultural/legal context.
Director of Next Gen Ministries (Church Multiplication and Discipleship), Zach Coffin, recently shared some good news as we prepare to launch student ministry in the fall….
  • Our friends at Ministry Architects have a new FREE resource library just for YOU and your Kids’ & Student Ministry leaders. It includes many helpful templates, dashboards and resources for Kids’, Student and Young Adult Ministry. They are excited to share these resources with you and hope this library will come at the right time as you begin looking forward to the next school year. To view this resource library, click here!
A Word from National Superintendent Steve Elliott: The National office of The Wesleyan Church of Canada has been working in close partnership with Global Partnersand our two district offices to find ways to get donor financial support to our missionaries and missions projects in a more timely manner. Historically, it has taken between 2 to 3 months for a donation made at a local church to find its way through our systems before getting to the front-line missionary or missions project. Our National Superintendent, Dr. Elliott, recently sent out the attached letter to donors, sharing with them how they can get their support to the missionaries much faster. If you are a financial supporter of our GP missionaries and missions projects, kindly consider using these new financial giving options. CLICK on these bullet points for detailed information:
Congratulations to Ryan & Marleigh Genereaux (The Ridge) on Friday’s birth of their firstborn child. This newest Dad in our district family said it so well in his Facebook post
“Introducing the newest member of The Reaux Crew, coming in at 11 pounds 1 ounce, head circumference of 39cm, 22.5 inches long, with an APGAR score of 9, give it up for… Oliver Robert Crozier Genereaux!”

Ellen joins me in expressing condolences on behalf of the Atlantic District to Rev. Wayne Briggs on the passing of his dear wife, Pat, on Tuesday morning. Our hearts have been heavy with Wayne and their children and families during these difficult months. It was my privilege to visit with her and have prayer on behalf of our district family the day before her passing at Bobby’s Hospice in Saint John.

Thank you for your prayers for Wayne and the extended Briggs family this week. A celebration of Pat’s life was held yesterday in the Beulah Tabernacle.You are invited to share words of personal support on Wayne’s Facebook post or on the Tribute Wall of her obituary.

Points to Ponder
  • It’s not uncommon for the work of ministry to steal us away from the power of ministry – prayer. (Dan Reiland)
  • If you’re curious about which data point is most important when it comes to online engagement at your church, there isn’t just one. (Alan George)
  • The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. (John Burroughs)

Reconnect. Recharge. Renew! The plans in place for Summer@Beulah 2021 are impressive and extensive. Grab a hot beverage and take a few minutes to click on this link to drink in the details. Keep in mind, several activities will require preregistration per pandemic restrictions on a first-come, first-served basis.
One of the highlight moments in the summer slate of activities at Beulah is the “Beulah’s Got Talent” event scheduled for Saturday, August 21st @ 7:00 pm. This promises to be a fun-filled evening for the entire family. CLICK HERE to find out more about how you can attend or even better, PARTICIPATE in this special night where all the stars will shine.

It’s not too early to get your foursome registered for the 25th Annual KU Golf Classic on September 10th! CLICK HERE for more information and/or to register your team today! This event plays a central role in providing tuition scholarships for ministry students from all across the region.

People from all over the Atlantic region pulled up a chair on July 18th to the virtual flames of our midsummer night’s livestream – A Campfire Chat. It was a night filled with God-glorifying worship and testimonies of our good God at work in the midst of this pandemic season of ministry.
  • If you missed the broadcast, grab a warm beverage and CLICK HERE to check it out (It is marked to begin after the pre-show @ the 13:55 timestamp).
  • The post-show included an interview with Lead Pastor Mark Soone at The River in Bangor, Maine along with his Vice-Chair, Larry Keezer. CLICK HERE to hear what it’s like to candidate in an entirely virtual process and/or view the other video testimonies shared around the campfire.
  • A special highlight included an in-person visit from Rev. Roosevelt T. Benson as he was honoured for 71 years as an Ordained Minister (timestamp 30:03).
  • Another highlight of District Camp Ministry was shared by Tami Mutch-Ketch (timestamp 23:44).
  • SAVE THE DATE: As announced during A Campfire Chat, District Ministerial will convene at the Valley location of Kings (Brent Ingersoll) on January 19-20, 2022(more details TBA – begins @ 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and concludes with the evening rally on Thursday).


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