It’s Monday Again

The above note in the New Hope (Scott Prime) weekly newsletter is an excellent example of how most of our churches are communicating with their parishioners about the ways our pastors can be tangibly appreciated.

I have had 20+ conversations since Labour Day with some of our pastors about the following realities we are facing:

  • Threadbare souls;
  • Exhaustion (emotional and mental) from the continued need to pivot in pandemic disruptions;
  • Deepening disappointment with people in the church and our communities who are becoming increasingly polarized over many issues – especially COVID related;
  • Because of the expectation from the vaccine rollout that we might be on the verge of breaking through to a new normal, the pandemic setbacks and restrictions feel ten times heavier this fall than in 2020;
  • Many of the “wins” and “bucket fillers” of ministry have been muted or non-existent while most of the challenges have remained or even intensified;
  • And the list goes on.

While It’s Monday Again is primarily an Atlantic District communiqué to all of our ministerial tribe, the majority of those who SUBSCRIBE (feel free to pass on this link) are actually lay people in our churches. Friends, there has never been a greater time of need to step up your game in providing encouragement and tangible support for your pastor(s).

1. The most important thing you can do is wield the weapon of prayer for your leaders. CLICK HERE for an excellent article on why this is so critical – especially in this season.

2. But praying is only the first step. Use your influence to mobilize your church family to implement the countless ways that already exist to fill the hearts and renew the souls of your pastor(s). CLICK HERE for a detailed list of resources.

3. For credentialed clergy who are appointed to local churches on the Atlantic District, please consider subscribing to PastorWell this week. CLICK HERE for a reminder from our Clergy Care Coordinator of all that this offers you in an email you received from Dr. Allen Lee in December. Just send Karrilee your receipt and she will e-transfer you a 100% reimbursement.

4. Remember that immediate family members of credentialed clergy appointed to Atlantic local churches have “no-questions-asked” confidential access for up to three complimentary counselling sessions (or more pending insurance) with our Clergy Care Coordinator or another counsellor of your preference that is pre-approved.

Please contact Allen ( for more details or to schedule an appointment. We are blessed by how he skillfully serves pastoral families.

5. More details will be provided in the weeks ahead regarding our District Ministerial (January 19-20). The original plan/speaker has been cancelled so that we can provide a deep experience of RENEWAL for our pastoral team. This was the word the AD Vision Team sensed the Lord providing for the immediate horizon of direction for our district.

6. There is another very tangible and key way you can encourage your pastor(s)…

Meet Woods Harbour (Tim Conrad) Sunday School teacher, John Brobbin. One of the highlights of my current Kingdom role is the privilege of rubbing shoulders and deepening friendships with amazing lay leaders around our district. While I was there recently for a service, it was a personal plus to sit under John’s gifted teaching as he provides weekly ministry in the discipleship pathway of this historic church family. It was a fantastic class! John is also participating with Tim in the Mobilization Pipeline Cohort this fall as they develop a blueprint for better ways and days to mobilize disciple-makers.So, if you are a lay person, one of the MOST tangible ways you can encourage your pastor is to show up and engage in sharing the ministry of the Body of Christ. Now is not the time to sit back and wait until things seem “normal” again. Now is the time to step up and lead from your God-given strengths to accelerate the Kingdom impact God has planned in advance for you and your church family under the leadership of your pastor(s).

Simply put, we need more lay people like John. Be a John Brobbin – there has never been a more important time in how this will serve the soul of your pastor(s) and move the needle of mission forward.

Pastors all across our district are serving with exceptional wisdom and influence to address the many ways this pandemic continues to impact our church families. Brent Ingersoll (Kings) recently shared two items worthy of your time and perhaps for your consideration as resources to serve the flock you shepherd.
  • The podcast above provides an anointed message of timely wisdom in the face of increasing pandemic polarization. Thank you Brent, Shola, & Geoff for this very helpful word. These doctors also serve on the Kings Board of Directors and have invested key influence in the ongoing story God is writing for HIs glory. CLICK HERE to be inspired.
  • A few weeks ago, Brent posted this Facebook Live informal message to the Kings family. This will challenge those who are tempted to lose focus of our core calling as Ambassadors of the ministry of reconciliation and spiritual healing.
Kingswood University convened the Fall Session of the Board of Trustees (BOT) on Friday. This was a truly hybrid meeting with more than half of the Trustees present via Zoom. The meeting began with a joy-filled video greeting from Lifetime Honourary Trustee, Dr. Wayne Caldwell. CLICK HERE to receive the contagious spirit of this great man of God who began serving as a Trustee in 1984!
  • President Steve Lennox and the Administrative Cabinet shared helpful reports as the BOT explored a new rubric with the Financial Responsibility Composite Score. Additionally, a lengthy period of exploration was given to the early stages of how the WE5 Wesleyan schools may more strategically partner in the days ahead.
  • A near 10% increase in the Freshman Class this fall was a highlight point of celebration as the BOT applauded the efforts of VP of Enrolment & Marketing Andrea Gunter – PTL! Also, the BOT approved the November payment of $420K on the remaining mortgage of KU. This will leave Kingswood with ONLY $385K remaining in debt – which is miraculous considering the school owed more than $6 million just over a decade ago – to God be the glory!
The BOT always enjoys worship with the student body in Chapel. An excellent word was delivered by Central Canada District Superintendent Eric Hallett who shared, “Every church is an embassy of the Kingdom of heaven and every Kingdom leader is an Ambassador of the King!”
A meeting of the Executive Committee of the KU BOT always precedes our semi-annual sessions. It is an honour to serve alongside these effective and Spirit-led Kingdom servants including Vice-Chair Moe Diggs, Secretary Bob Strum, Assistant Secretary Tammy Leonard, Ex-officio Executive Director Russ Gunsalus and, of course, President Lennox.
Ellen joins me in expressing sincere condolences on behalf of the Atlantic District to Tracy & Heidi Marr on Sunday’s passing of his father, Theodore Alvin Marr. CLICK HERE on Tracy’s Facebook post share a word of loving support for the Marr family during this difficult time of grief and loss.
Points to Ponder
  • Jesus wants to throw you a lifeline not a lecture. God loves to fill vessels that are empty and willing. (Dale MacDonald)
  • If we do what we can, God will do what we can’t. God wants to bless people that have a vision for His purpose. Fear shows the giants are bigger than us. Faith shows that God is bigger than the giants. (Pastor B)
  • Preparing people for ministry is both  as and through vocation. (Steve Lennox)

National Multiplication Director Mark Parker posted the first edition of Between the Shorelines this week. This e-publication will share stories of multiplication and how you and your church can engage in this shared mission across our two districts. CLICK HERE to enjoy this first edition which features a daughter-church out of Cornerstone (Denn Guptill) with church planter Drew Owen. CLICK HERE to subscribe for this e-newsletter.

District Ministerial
SAVE THE DATE: As announced during A Campfire Chat, District Ministerial will convene at the Valley location of Kings (Brent Ingersoll) on January 19-20, 2022 (more details TBA – begins @ 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and concludes with the evening rally on Thursday).

NEXT is Global Partners’ mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for young adults. Pass along the NEXT website to anyone in your church who is searching for meaning and their place in God’s kingdom work. Download and share the 2-minute NEXT video in your service or in your church newsletters. The best next step for anyone interested is to fill out the inquiry form,  and they will be contacted for a follow-up conversation. The website is constantly updated with the upcoming internship opportunities for spring, summer and fall.

The 2021 Atlantic District Journal is now available. CLICK HERE to download.
(Prior District Journals are available from District Office upon request.)


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