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A third new Atlantic Kingdom location in the past year launched yesterday with KingsCharlottetown! Senior Pastor Brent Ingersoll shared an inspiring message from Isaiah 6 with the reminder, “Only the grace of God transforms. I don’t care what the model is – I want to hold fast to the awakening that is coming because Jesus is the answer.”Charlottetown Lead Pastor Jonny (Leesa) Robertson and his team of staff and volunteers are to be commended for their hard work and courageous perseverance over this pandemic season. The regional vision God has given to Kings for multiplication continues to gain ground with this fourth location expanding to all three Maritime provinces – a first-ever for any local church in Atlantic Canada!

Many churches across the Atlantic Region have been celebrating baptisms this fall, including Corbett (Jason Vienneau) last week and New Hope (Scott Prime) with nine baptized yesterday morning – PTL!
What if a local school posted a very public thank you to your Church because of how you showed appreciation for their service to the community? Well, that’s exactly what happened this week to Brazil Lake (Kevin Myers) – CLICK HERE to read the full Facebook post.And this is just a sneak peak of all that has been happening with more than a dozen churches pouring out LOVE WEEK on the South Shore in the Name of Christ. Stay tuned for more great stories next week!

James Emery White has been offering a fascinating five-part blog entitled “Understanding Evangelical” that is a worthy resource in a day when our identity as “evangelicals” is becoming blurred. CLICK HERE for Part One to get started.
NEXT is Global Partners’ mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for young adults. Pass along the NEXT website to anyone in your church who is searching for meaning and their place in God’s kingdom work. Download and share the 2-minute NEXT video in your service or in your church newsletters. The best next step for anyone interested is to fill out the inquiry form, and they will be contacted for a follow-up conversation. The website is continually updated with the upcoming internship opportunities for spring, summer and fall. Applications for summer 2022 are being accepted through the end of 2021.
Points to Ponder
  • Jesus asks, “Do you want me? Or do you want where I can take you? I am the destination!” (Brent Ingersoll)
  • How do we move fences that need to be moved and guard fences that need to stay where they are? Are our fences designed to keep people in or out? Fences exist to define us not confine us. (HC Wilson)
  • There are only two times people change: When they have to and when they want to. A good leader helps others want to change. (Craig Groeschel)

National Multiplication Director Mark Parker posted the first edition of Between the Shorelines this week. This e-publication will share stories of multiplication and how you and your church can engage in this shared mission across our two districts. CLICK HERE to enjoy this first edition which features a daughter-church out of Cornerstone (Denn Guptill) with church planter Drew Owen. CLICK HERE to subscribe for this e-newsletter.

District Ministerial
SAVE THE DATE: As announced during A Campfire Chat, District Ministerial will convene at the Valley location of Kings (Brent Ingersoll) on January 19-20, 2022 (more details TBA – begins @ 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and concludes with the evening rally on Thursday).

The 2021 Atlantic District Journal is now available. CLICK HERE to download.
(Prior District Journals are available from District Office upon request.)


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