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The final Pastoral Installation of the season took place yesterday morning for Luc Reed at Crystal. At the beginning of the service, the Treasurer presented me with a cheque for Crystal’s entire USF assessment of FY22. Perhaps a first-ever to be paid in full half-way through the year – well done! The current spiritual health, fiscal strength, and optimism for this new day of leadership are breathing life into the bright chapter ahead. Luc is an excellent fit for our Crystal family and the community and he is being warmly welcomed in these early months of his ministry.

It’s been two years since we have gathered. Two years! Our January 2020 Ministerial at the Saint John Delta seems like a lifetime ago. We are a people who gather to strengthen in multiple ways both big and small each year and we could have never imagined a world that would not allow us to be together. This 24-hour Ministerial experience has been prayerfully designed to invite the Spirit’s renewal in our hearts as we lean into the beginnings of a post-pandemic ministry context.

CLICK HERE for more details and for online registration (deadline December 15th)

  • Hotel rooms have been reserved for in blocks for both nights and you will have until December 15th to book your selection directly. Keep in mind that the final session with our General Superintendent concludes before supper on Thursday so staying the second night will be at your discretion.
(Note to Maine Pastors: A December email will provide more details for those coming across the border. A great deal of pressure is being applied to change on the current Canadian requirement for a molecular COVID test to enter Canada by land and we are hoping this ends by the New Year. If not, registration will be complimentary upon request for our Maine pastors if the pricing for COVID tests remains a necessity.)
The Caton’s Island Session of the Camp Board convened in the FMI Boardroom in Woodstock for a six-hour strategic planning session this Saturday. Executive Director Tami Mutch-Ketch invited Board Member Greg Walton to provide point leadership of this process for this energizing generative session. The “Rules of Engagement” Greg uses when he leads the senior staff of FMI inspired exciting outcomes to achieve the 2025 Vision of Director Dean Stephenson to see at least 2025 campers by the summer of 2025. The day concluded with a comprehensive plan and assigned champions for all key next steps. Hats off to this fantastic group of Kingdom leaders!
Because of the extended circuit breaker in Moncton, the DBA convened by Zoom this week for the fall session. It was a very full day as the DBA approved the work of the Vision Team which concluded with a seventh day of meetings since this process began with Auxano Navigator Mike Gammill in February. The initial aspects of this vision will be shared at Ministerial in January with the opportunity throughout 2022 to engage next steps as we find our way together out of this pandemic.
  • More than $85K has been invested this fiscal year in multiplication projects by action of the DBA including South Church, the National Multiplication Plan, Kings Charlottetown, and Framework’s pending launch of Hub Coffee as it targets providing a Kingdom location of University of Maine (Presque Isle).
A highlight moment of our day together included an extended time of prayer for pastors around the district for renewed strength and rejuvenated souls as the frustrations of pandemic restrictions continue. We are well-served by the wisdom and maturity of this group of godly leaders who are deeply committed to our Atlantic Tribe.
It is always a highlight to join in on one of the monthly connection Zooms offered for DS’s by our General Superintendent. This meeting provided an overview of the days I will spend this week in Indianapolis with the Committee on Memorials as the General Board convenes. More on this next week.
  • And speaking of General Conference 2022, our Executive DirectorJanelle Vernon (Communications and Administration Division) has extended the following invitation to any local church that would like to participate – here is the announcement from our General Secretary:
As we plan ahead for General Conference 2022 (, we are anticipating many important decisions to be made; and we are also planning for a time of celebration – celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple and the church multiplies itself, until The Wesleyan Church has a transforming presence in every zip code/community.  One of the best ways to celebrate is with videos showing how your church is transforming lives and communities through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ.
We would like to feature your church in a video.
We are inviting YOU to participate by submitting ACTION photos and/or videos clips. Send in your photos and videos of people being baptized and outreach that show your church being the hands and feet of Jesus. We know that there are many creative and unique compassion ministries happening along with the more common efforts like clothing and food giveaways, caring for the vulnerable, providing after-school programs and safe-homes. We would like to feature it all!Thanks for submitting your short videos clips and/or pictures by January 15, 2022, to…
Points to Ponder
  • Two of the last three weeks, it’s been a woman on the platform preaching at Lighthouse Church and I think that’s pretty cool. (Adam DeMerchant)
  • Whenever contempt and superiority accompany our thoughts, it is a sign that “the doctrines of grace” are operating in our life “as mere notions and speculations” with “no salutary influence upon [our] conduct.” (Tim Keller on John Newton)
  • It is almost impossible to stay angry with someone you pray for. (Carey Nieuwhof)

Mike Tapper and Marc Jolicoeur discuss the “Life Curves” of CCLI songs sung in our churches dating back to 1988. This interesting project has a lot of relevant implications and will soon be published in Christianity Today and Worship Leader Magazine!
NEXT is Global Partners’ mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for young adults. Pass along the NEXT website to anyone in your church who is searching for meaning and their place in God’s kingdom work. Download and share the two-minute NEXT video in your service or in your church newsletters. The best next step for anyone interested is to fill out the inquiry form, and they will be contacted for a follow-up conversation. The website is continually updated with the upcoming internship opportunities for spring, summer and fall. Applications for summer 2022 are being accepted through the end of 2021.

National Multiplication Director Mark Parker posted the first edition of Between the Shorelines this week. This e-publication will share stories of multiplication and how you and your church can engage in this shared mission across our two districts. CLICK HERE to enjoy this first edition which features a daughter-church out of Cornerstone (Denn Guptill) with church planter Drew Owen. CLICK HERE to subscribe for this e-newsletter.

Two Kingdom leaders have recently spoken into the challenges we must overcome in maintaining the purity and power of orthodoxy. CLICK HERE for the final blog in the series offered this fall by James Emery White. CLICK HERE for a poignant post on the hurdles we face in the race ahead. The day in which we serve increasingly requires clarity in knowing what is right and the courage to proclaim and live it!


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