Monday Again

Much news on the way about Syrian (and other) refugees coming to Canada – a full plan for your consideration and participation will be announced here next week. Be watching.

This pic from 1952 was sent to me this week – pardon the walk down memory lane. I am one of this class of budding students along with Les Smith and Joe Sollows for those of you who know those lads. Sorry for the diversion – back to today……

good stuff – read on – read and rejoice……

  • Bangor Pathway held their relaunch Sunday last week with 97 present – “lots of guests and a really good time” was the word from AJ.
  • Shelburne Hope restarts next weekend with a gospel sing on Saturday, Oct 3rd at 7 and the service on Sunday the 4th at 10:30. Go Carl and Evelyn!
  • Scott Lewis is now serving both our church at Lower Hainesville and the Baptist church nearby. Last Sunday launched this new arrangement with 20 at the Baptist church and 22 at our church and a corn boil to follow as well as a combined service in the evening. Great to see these small country churches cooperating in this way – “a wonderful day overall” says Scott. 
  • Perth-Andover began an Awana program last week and expected 20 children to be in attendance – 42 showed up. Onward and upward.
  • PTL and congrats to Graham and Rebecca Perry on the safe arrival of Micah Andrew who put in an appearance on Friday of last week. A brother for Nathan and Eli and the 5th grandson for Walter and Margo. 
  • Westchester received 5 new members yesterday with special music by the 8 person chorale from the church. “Thanking God for his many blessings” says Pastor Linda.  Another small church that is providing ministry above its weight class. 
  • Saturday a week ago Bangor’s Day of Hope was held that saw over 5000 people ministered to by six churches including River City. Free medical care, dental care, hair cuts, clothes, a meal, games, music and a prayer were offered. Hundreds of volunteers bonded together in expressing the love of Jesus.
  • Moncton held a block party yesterday in their atrium and filled the place. “An AWESOME day” as one staff person remarked. 
  • Dale MacDonald, our DBMD Chair and I had an exciting conversation last week re the potential ordination class for 2016. We could have as many as 15 ordination candidates which I believe would be an all-time record for our district. That will be an amazing day of praise and celebration.
  • Kings Valley had an amazing weekend – 1 salvation; 30 baptisms and 1040 in attendance! “God is moving” says Pastor Brent. Staff Pastor Greg Hanson got to baptize his own son – a powerful experience. 
  • I had a great visit to the HRM last week. This included an LBA at Hillside; breakfast with Jon Stephens; coffee and consultation with Denn Guptill (incidental contact with Mikes White and Zottarelli who happened to be in Tim’s) and lunch with Kevin Wilson. Great to be with the tribe.



Truro was one of our Maximizing Impact (MI) churches from this past church year. Led by Pastor Ken Banks, they took the recommendations very seriously and held a special launch day last Sunday. Pastor Ken said “What a great launch day @Connection Truro. New name. New vision. New chairs. New Mission, Vision and Value Statements and a redesigned kids ministry space”. 

On Tuesday evening last week I met with the LBA at Fredericton Journey to discuss MI with them. Great meeting and unanimous buy in by Pastor Matt and the LBA. Self study underway soon and the team will be on site during the church year.

On Wednesday evening last week I met with the LBA at Dartmouth Hillside to interact on MI coming to town. Pastor Jay and the LBA were unanimous in endorsing MI for Hillside. The team will be there near the end of next month.

Fredericton Corbett was our first MI church. Yesterday they hosted 23 new people at a Connection Lunch. MI clearly cannot take credit for all of this, but MI has a small hand in the healthy forward movement of Corbett.

Gloria and I were in Blacks Harbour yesterday for the installation of Pastor Bill Lea. Having lived in Blacks as a small child and then to pastor there in the 70’s means I have a vested interest in the church to be sure. We enjoyed a good service with 141 present (lya 108) and were pleased to host Pastor Bill and Lois for lunch following. 

THOT: “You made for the place where your real passion meets compassion, because there lies your real purpose.” – Ann Voskamp

ON SECOND THOT: “In Russia, Christians are tested by hardship, but in America you are tested by freedom. Testing by freedom is much harder.” – Paval Poloz via David Smith. 



The C2C network invites you to join us on October 2, 2015 for a National Day of Prayer for the Harvest!

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Kingswood is preparing to hold their fifth annual worship conference, ENGAGE, on October 23-24. Designed with the essential and practical needs of pastors, lay worship leaders and team members in mind, this event is geared toward refreshing and equipping those on the front lines of this crucial ministry. Plan to bring your whole team! Guests this year include Dustin Smith, Jennie Riddle, Tim Milner, Jeff Somers and Kim Butler, as well as our tribe’s own Betty Weatherby, Kendra Higgs, Mike Tapper, Scott and Elizabeth Rhyno. Registration is open now at #engageku2015

FOLLOW 2015, the International Wesleyan Youth Conference, will be held in Indianapolis, IN on December 28-31 and we want to gauge interest from our district on who is interested in taking some of their students. As a member of the FOLLOW Executive team, we’re anticipating over 7500 students and leaders will fill the Indianapolis Convention Centre this December and we hope to expose our district students to the Wesleyan Church on an international stage. If you want to know more information about FOLLOW 2015 please visit or if you have any questions, please email me for more information. Follow this link for your chance to win a free registration to FOLLOW 2015:



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