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Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians! Have a great day with family and friends. Our district office is closed today due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Hurricane Matthew has moved on and left a trail of destruction in its wake. The word below came from HQ a couple of days ago.  I know many of you will want to contribute to the relief efforts ongoing there. At the bottom of the following paragraphs, please click on the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund and you will find donation directions. For those of us on the Canadian side, please read the link at the bottom where you will find directions for Canadian donors.
“Tens of thousands have lost homes and are in tents or temporary shelters or have no shelter. It is believed that nearly all roofs were ripped off buildings in the swath that received hurricane-force winds. This is the first major hurricane to hit Haiti in 50 years. Clean water is going to be the most immediate need for humanitarian response and to head off spread of disease. We are partnering with World Hope and Global Partners to purchase up to 10,000 ceramic water filters and hygiene kits.
Haiti has over 10 million people in a country smaller than the state of Maryland. We have 137 churches, many schools, a hospital, and other ministries there.
Please continue to pray for Hurricane Matthew victims and for the relief workers.
Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund. “

Moncton has 32 teens/leaders in NYC on a missions trip that included working with World Vision in packing 3 pallets of over 3200 supplies for needy children. Moncton baptized 6 last Sunday and has begun a monthly night of prayer and worship – “Rising” – and had 150+ out last week. People were “fired up” to quote Lead Pastor Tim Guptill.

  • Lower Hainesville held a benefit recently for a family in the community in need of help. 85 were present (LYA 14) and more than $1,100 was raised. “What a treat to deliver that gift.” says Pastor Scott Lewis.
  • I visited Truro and Woods Harbour on Tuesday and Wednesday last week for follow up and feedback meetings with their LBA’s concerning Maximizing Impact (MI) – excellent interchange.
  • The South Campus fund at Fredericton Crosspoint topped $50,000 last Sunday – in three weeks. All good.
  • I met with the LBA at Havelock, NS last Thursday to explain MI to them after which they unanimously invited the MI team to be there for weekend in January.  The LBA at Perth-Andover where the MI team was present for a recent weekend voted last week unanimously to accept the recommendations and to move forward with implementation. Onward and upward.
  • Gloria and I had our hearts warmed as we worshipped at Kings Church yesterday morning. My lifelong friend John Symonds was the preacher of the day – it is always good to hear him and sit under his anointed ministry.

As mentioned in IMA last week, Peter was in Newfoundland for several days recently to interact with our Upon This Rock church planting project in support of and in partnership with Solid Rock Wesleyan. Planters Ryan and Gabrielle Tarrow held a special community outreach while Peter was there and he filed this summary report last Saturday evening:
“Sixty three were present for a “make your own car” family drive-in at Southlands Community Centre – hats off to Ryan & Gabrielle – they were super pleased with the turnout.  Largest event yet.  Tons of new families from the neighbourhood.  They promoted a six week parent study starting tomorrow AM. Also no church in Southlands with 1400+ homes and growing.  This was their biggest outreach since arriving one year ago.”
Good word. Thanks to those of you who are supporting this thrust. Your prayers and dollars are welcome and needed.
THOT:  “Jesus wasn’t just a nice guy who did good in the world. You don’t crucify nice guys. You crucify threats.”  – Tim Keller
ON SECOND THOT:  “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” – Ken Blanchard



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