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The team to Egypt returned safely on Thursday of last week. The pictures above show the pastors gathered for sessions with our team – please note Peter resplendent in his clerical collar. The other picture is of the team praying in St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Coptic Christian church that was bombed on Palm Sunday with significant loss of life. Our team, most appropriately, wanted to show solidarity with our Coptic brothers and sisters. These are difficult times for the Church in Egypt but God is at work and the influence of the Church is greater than ever.
THOT: “When Jesus died, the “powers” lost their power. They can still rage and shout, but the power of Jesus is greater.” – N T Wright

  • The district office was closed on Friday as we relocated to the Beulah office for the summer. We will be essentially fully operational there today. Phone messages left on the Moncton voice mail will be retrieved daily. Calls can be made directly to the Beulah number of course – 506-468-2286.
  • A timely word from Pastor Evan Oxner in Amherst taken from their recent newsletter “I have found in the Maritimes that we act like we have been defeated, that things will only get worse, and that we better just settle in for a terrible decline. I have found this same sentiment in the church too. We see something terrible on the news, or in our community and we say, “it must be the end times,” as if to actually say, “we’ve lost, we can’t change anything, so we better simply get used to losing ground!” That doesn’t sound like the Gospel to me. That doesn’t sound like the God who raised Jesus from the dead. That doesn’t sound like the King that conquered sin and death and then sent us the Holy Spirit to claim the whole world as His Kingdom! Don’t give up. Don’t lose heart. We aren’t on the losing side, the weak side, or the dead side. The Living God is reclaiming all of creation. Let’s take back our families, our communities, our town, our world!”
  • I was privileged to speak yesterday morning at the Brown’s Flat. We were invited to Cheneys for lunch but Glo has flu and could not go. They delivered a first-class meal to our cottage – individual casseroles of scallops and lobster in whipped potatoes plus salad and dessert – amazing – thanks Bruce and Roxie.
  • Steve Bradley was honoured yesterday as he concluded his interim pastoral role at The Lighthouse, where he has provided timely and trusted ministry during these months. He and Heather will be moving to Beulah very soon and he will assume pastoral duties there on June 25th.
  • Mike Tapper was honoured yesterday on his final Sunday at Moncton as he and his family will soon depart for Southern Wesleyan University where Mike will begin his next ministry chapter. They will be missed but we wish them the Master’s best.
  • Lead Pastor Scott Prime and a mission team from Kentville New Hope are headed to Brazil this week. We wish them God speed and a time of significant Kingdom impact.
  • It was announced yesterday that Jamin Melanson has accepted the position of Assistant Pastor in Amherst. He and Naomi will be moving there over the summer.

THOT: “Obeying the Spirit instead of your own self-centered whims will lead you to places you’ve never been.” – Bill Hybels

On Saturday, June 3, 78 golfers headed to the Sussex Golf Course to play some golf in the Kingswood University Golf Classic. Individuals and corporate sponsors raised over $56,000!!! A fundraising record! This will all go toward scholarships for Kingswood’s students. A huge thank-you to those who helped make this happen.
THOT: “Hold yourself  responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” – Henry Ward Beecher
July 8 2017, 7:00 pm Tabernacle

Mark is known and loved around the world as a trusted voice in the realm of gospel music and beyond. He started making music at age 11 and now, more than four decades later, his legacy is forever sealed as an innately entertaining communicator who can, at once, make audiences laugh, cry, and think.
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THOT: “Three necessary shifts in Church culture
*From criticism to celebration
*From competition to cooperation
*From rivalry to relationship.”  – Fr. James Mallon
ON SECOND THOT: “When you lead change, sometimes you get arrows in your back. I mean, that’s just the way the real world is.” – Carly Fiorina
BONUS THOT: “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” – Simon Sinek

Saturate Halifax: June 23 & 24
Saturate is a 2-day training event specifically designed to help equip Christians on how to apply the Gospel in everyday life. This content will help us to better think and live as missionaries in the everyday.

Getting ready to plan your summer vacation? Why not celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by exploring one of its most beautiful regions – the Maritimes! To help make that happen, Kingswood has put together an unbeatable deal! Check it out here:

Missionary Alumni Fellowship
Sunday, July 9th at 3 PM at Beulah Hotel Dining Room
Missionaries past, present and future are invited for a light dessert, easy fellowship and a word from missionaries past, present and future.



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