Monday Again

We are the PEOPLE OF GOD committed to the PURPOSE OF GOD believing in the PROVIDENCE OF GOD and relying on the POWER OF GOD

Gloria and I are enjoying a vacation break but our hearts, thoughts and prayers turn to the district every day. We will be back home on Jan 13th DV. As stated last week, I am checking email once daily and you are totally free to contact me as required. 
Havelock, NS held their special Christmas program on Sunday night, Dec 29th. There were 275 present for an evening with high community impact and response. Well done.

During the recent power outage due to freezing rain that left parts of New Brunswick without power for as long as eight days, KV fed some of the linesmen who were working in their area. Hats off to Kim Clarke and the ladies who seized this opportunity for “a cup of cold water” ministry. 
The General Superintendent will be back in our district in mid February as she and the DBA move forward on the DS search and selection process. This is a matter of high significance and your prayers for wisdom are requested. We all have our opinions but I believe the Master has a plan. This we must seek. Thanks for praying.

The Jonesport church held a Christmas drama last Sunday night with the title Hark the Angel Sang Off Key. Great participation and community response. Hats off to the Jonesport crew.

Dean Stephenson is presently leading a crew of 17 on a mission trip to Haiti. The team is made of Caton’s Island alumni and they are involved in a variety of ministry and camp training opportunities. Thanks to Dean for his passion for Haiti and for Carl and Maya Gilles who are hosting the team.

Gloria turned 70 last week and Troy, Lisa, Kristi and I took her out for a very nice dinner to celebrate. She has been a great blessing to me and a true partner in ministry across these years.
THOT: Thanks to Brian Dodd for this posting – Innovative Leaders:

  • Test their ideas
  • Look for incremental improvement
  • Often innovate out of necessity
  • Improve on the ideas of others
  • Generate countless ideas
  • Boil their countless ideas down to two or three really good ones
  • Build great teams
  • Do not roll out their ideas too soon
  • See the best in people
  • Improve efficiency


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