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SPECIAL NOTE: I just received word on the passing of Elsie Morgan, wife of Rev. Bill Morgan. Bill and Elsie served with distinction as career missionaries in the Republic of South Africa. Visitation will be at Fredericton Journey on Tuesday from 2-4 PM and 7-9 PM. The funeral will be at Journey on Wednesday at 2 PM. I plan to attend to represent the district and will no doubt see several of you there as well.

Yesterday was an exciting day at Bangor Pathway. AJ Thomas and his family were there as AJ was candidating to lead a relaunch of the church. I was also there to share the plan with the congregation and respond to questions. There was enthusiastic buy in and the optimism level is high and AJ has accepted their very strong vote inviting him to lead Pathway into a new season of ministry. Onward and upward!

Good LBA meeting on Monday evening at Amherst. Raymond Fancy has pastored there for 15 years and the church is at an all time high in attendance and finances. I enjoyed interacting with the board as they unanimously granted a three-week mini-sabbatical to Raymond and Trista. Well done.

Speaking of Amherst – they had a great service yesterday as they hosted the Y’s Men, Y’ Menettes and Service Club with guests from Boston, Ontario and Denmark – with 190 in attendance!

Church life cannot be detached from community context. Last Sunday, Kings Valley had 951 in church and Ingomar had 90 in church. They are equally impressive and significant. Given the realities of community size and context, 90 in Ingomar is as outstanding as 951 at Kings Valley. I think this is very cool. Growing churches in our district are found in metropolitan areas and also in very small, remote communities. Well done Pastors Ingersoll and Hockley. What a tribe! Onward and upward.

Last Saturday I was honoured to officiate at the wedding of Naomi Corey and Jamin Melanson. The wedding in the Truro church enjoyed a beautiful day and a full house. Congratulations to the bride and groom and now Jamin will be blessed to return to the church in Fort Fairfield with a wife to partner with him in the ministry there. 

While in Truro, I had breakfast on Saturday with Pastor Ken Banks. He and April are completing eight years of ministry in the church there. Enjoyed discussing both what is and what could be. 

A committee of the DBMD met on Thursday of last week in the new board room at the district office. We interviewed three candidates and found having the board room to be truly convenient. Thanks to Dale MacDonald for effectively chairing our DBMD. 

Today is Victoria Day in Canada and our district office will be closed. We will be open again tomorrow – Tuesday – morning. I am looking forward to a day at our cottage at Beulah.

The morning after the Habs eliminated the Bruins from the playoffs, Karrilee showed up at the office in her Habs sweater. Wanting to be gracious in victory, I did not circulate the pic. Then a Maple Leaf fan who shall remain anonymous (he pastors in Truro) came in, took the pic and sent it out over Twitter. It was not, as one person suggested (my own son), that it was a “cruel and unusual punishment” …After Saturdays’ game against the Rangers, it is back to the drawing boards : )

As the aforementioned son in the above paragraph (and the person who sends Monday Again each week) this is what it must have been like for dad when he was growing up…
THOT: “I find that when I think I am asking God to forgive me I am often in reality….asking Him not to forgive me but to excuse me.”  – CS Lewis

ON SECOND THOT: “At the heart of the story stands the cross of Christ where evil did its worst and met its match.” – John W. Wenha


Beulah Overview – PDF

It’s that time of year!  Rally in the Valley 2014 is coming up May 2-3, and we want you to be a part of it!  Featuring Pastor Kelly Jay and KV Worship with Kingswood student and KVEast Worship Leader Josiah Swim. Guest artist and up-and-coming rapper NF, recently signed to Capitol Records, will be tearing it up on Friday night. Our speaker is Chris Durso, pastor at Christ Tabernacle in Queens, New York, and leader of Misfits NYC. More info is available at We also have a ton of activities and missions initiatives lined up for you and your group.  Hotels will book fast as there are some big concerts in town that weekend, so make sure to get your reservations today!

Northeast Pastors and Church Leadership Conference
With Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Church, Chicago, IL
May 21, 21, 22 – Presque Isle, Saint John, Bangor
Conference Brochure – PDF

Pack the vans and send your Children Ministry team to The Huddle, a Wesleyan children ministry worker training event.  One-day, affordable event for your entire children’s worker team. Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, VBS helpers,  children church leaders and volunteers experience the excitement and energy of discovering practical, new ideas they can use NOW from a team of passionate and dedicated workers.  Get ready for a time of growth, renewal, and fun! Join us at a location near you.
NS Children’s Ministry Huddle – May 24 ­ New Hope Wesleyan Church, Kentville NS
9am – 12:30 pm ($20/person-5 or more $100)
Register your team for either Huddle at


Best Years Fellowship – Aug 15-17. Details to follow from director Rev. M]el Norton. Save the dates.



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