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Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and there is much for which to give thanks. The district office is closed today for the holiday and will reopen tomorrow – Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving! Our American friends  – you will have your opportunity in just a few weeks. 


October is Pastor Appreciation month.  I know that many churches have already expressed appreciation in a variety of ways. Just a reminder that if your church has not done so as yet, this is a great opportunity to let your pastor know that he/she is loved and the ministry provided is truly appreciated. 

Pastors Rod Guptill, Gary Churchill  and Bill Lea along within the crew above are in Cuba on a short term missions trip.  We are so honoured to partner with the growing work in Cuba and our prayers are with the team.  Have you signed up for a short term mission trip this year?  If not, visit and click on Short Team Trips – this may be your time.

Leota Stairs, wife of Rev. Arnold Stairs passed away last week and her funeral was held on Friday.  I was honoured to bring brief remarks on behalf of our district and to gratefully acknowledge her life time of service to the Master.  Our sympathy is expressed again to Arnold, Reid, Nadine, their spouses and families. 

Would you trust your kids to this trio?  I certainly would! Excellent planning session for the growing ministry of Caton’s Island was held last week. Caton’s has expanding influence for the Cause and I thank God for these three – Ben Canney, Dean Stephenson and Peter Moore who are planning, praying and preparing for the continued  growth and spiritual impact of Caton’s. 

I met with the LBA at Bangor River City last week to respond to their application for consideration as a Maximizing Impact (MI) church. The meeting went very well and our consultation team will be there for a weekend in November. Our two MI churches for this fall are Truro Central Nova and Bangor River City. There are other applications on file and two of those will be selected for the spring of 2015.

On the trip to River City, I also had opportunity to briefly visit with AJ and Kelly Thomas and their boys, to see the home where they are living and take AJ to dinner; share breakfast with Matt Maxwell; meet with Nancy Nason-Clark (more word later) and have lunch with Mark Brewer. It is always great to be out and about with the tribe. 

Gloria continues her stay in the hospital and the above sign is about 2 meters from her bed. No, she has not been renamed Rachael – but due to space management issues, she is in the obstetrics unit. Thanks for your cards, contacts and prayers during these days. 

I attended church in Moncton yesterday. Very timely and on point word from Pastor Mike Tapper, who joined the staff there this summer.  Great to have the Tappers back on our district. 

Fredericton Journey held a Men Gone Wild event last weekend with some 75 men in attendance. They were challenged by a special guest who is an outdoors expert; took part in outdoor activities and of course, enjoyed some wild meat. 

Zone Ministers Meetings coming up in a few weeks – pastors/staff pastors attendance expected – other ministers welcome. More detail by email. 

One of us was unpacking stuff in the office and one was going to a funeral….Truly blessed to have Peter as an integral part of our district leadership team.

A good read this week:

The seven warnings on social media usage:

  1. Consider anything you say on social media to be permanent.
  2. You can be misunderstood often on social media.
  3. Emoticons are not sufficient to soften what you have posted.
  4. Attacks on other people’s character or positions are considered cowardly by many.
  5. Too many Christian leaders are posting on social media in the heat of emotional moments.
  6. Churches and other Christian organizations are checking social media of Christian leaders.
  7. The non-Christian world is watching Christians attack each other on social media.

THOT: “We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.” – Dwight L Moody

ON SECOND THOT: “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.” – Dwight L Moody



Kingswood is gearing up for their fourth annual ENGAGE conference on October 24-25. Designed for pastors, worship leaders, and anyone involved in planning or implementing the weekend worship gathering in the local church, teams that attend find this event to be an inspiring Fall experience.

Visit for information about seminars, keynotes and registration. Take advantage of early bird pricing until September 15th!





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