Monday Again


“St. Valentine was beaten, stoned, beheaded and buried on 14 Feb 269 AD for helping persecuted Christians and marrying Christian couples.” – Nicky Gumbel….and now you know the rest of the story.

Another snow bomb hit the district this weekend. Moncton had near-record snow fall and winds gusting to circa 100 KM.  Many of our district churches cancelled services yesterday, although at least 3 or 4 had their teaching/preaching available online during the blizzard. This too shall pass – be of good cheer – the first day of spring is only some 35 days away 🙂

Peter preached in Cairo yesterday and will be involved in leadership consultation and a ministers conference this week. He continues to serve as liaison with our Egypt field on behalf of Global Partners.  He is accompanied by his brother Bill on this Egypt trek.

Pastoral Update:

Extended calls have been reviewed and unanimously renewed at Presque Isle – Bud Fancy – and Woodstock – Dale MacDonald.

Extended calls have been recommended at Easton – Jason Coffman; Kings Valley – Brent Ingersoll and Nackawic – Ryan Farrell.  Votes scheduled soon.

District appointments have been renewed at Monticello – Jason Rooney and Fort Fairfield – Jamin Melanson. 

Our brothers and sisters in Mozambique are facing devastating circumstances due to flooding that is centered in two of the northern provinces. Their National Superintendent Rev. Graca Nhathelo, a man I know personally and greatly admire, reports “2685 houses and 23 churches destroyed and at least 58 of our church members unaccounted for. Gardens and farms are under water, people are beginning to go hungry, and many have no electricity. There is a great risk of cholera.”

Prayer and resources needed. Please give so that others may live. Pastors received the full transcript on the matter. Churches can receive your donation marked for Mozambique 2015. Please join Gloria and me in responding to this emergency. Thank you. 

I was honoured to chair a meeting this week in Ottawa as reps from the two Canadian districts worked diligently as the emerging Established National Conference of The Wesleyan Church of Canada continues to take shape. There will be a report, discussion, Q and A and a resolution to be considered at the two district conferences this summer. Onward and upward.

Last Monday we had the privilege of using our newly-acquired Heartland property for its first official function – a meeting and dinner (prepared by chef Trevor Fox) for the Beulah session of our Camp Board. The gift of this property is a truly outstanding addition to our ministry holdings.

This Easter, 20 Moncton Wesleyan Youth are headed to New York City for a week to minister with the New York School of Urban Mission at soup kitchens, food banks and in street ministry. Last Friday they held a dinner and auction themed “A Night in New York” in which attenders enjoyed a turkey dinner complete with world-class desserts followed by a auction. More than 150 items were auctioned and raised $13,000 to help fund the mission trip. Outstanding!

TROT:  “Everyone wants their church to grow…just not change.” – Carey Nieuwhof

ON SECOND THOT: “By the time kids are five I want them to know three things – God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.” – Carey Nieuwhof

AND A THIRD: “When you cast vision, focus twice as much on why you do what you do rather than what and how. Why unites, while what and how divide.” – Carey Nieuwhof


Hillside Rally is just around the corner, so be sure to put down Feb 27-28 in your calendar for this event. Contact Michael Fearnley at for more info/questions.”


The Atlantic District is pumped to have Carey Nieuwhof coming to Moncton. He will be with us on Friday, March 20th at Moncton Wesleyan and YOU are invited – don’t miss it!

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