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This edition of the Connexion may look a bit familiar if you weren’t on vacation last week! Since this is a premium window for many in our Ministerial Tribe to enjoy some well-earned R&R, the following items are offered again for your summer pondering and planning for the fall ministry launch ahead…

Caton’s Island is off to a great start this summer with rentals as well as our own district camps in the past two months. This has provided ministry to 1500+ overnight campers with rental groups and camp registrations.

A current need for Caton’s Island is having work teams to complete construction on the three new cabins that are being built. If you or a group from your church have any interest in helping out, you can email or call at 506-468-6262. Caton’s Island is looking forward to their final full month of camp, plus a wedding rental and men’s retreat rental in September to finish off the summer!

Band of Brothers Men’s Camp
September 15-17
Cost: $195
CLICK HERE for more info and registration.
There are currently openings in the Beginners and Discovery Camp, ages 5-7 and 8-9 from August 8-11, and there are also openings in Island Adventure 2, ages 8-11.
Love Atlantic 2023: September 24 – October 1
Saint John First (Graham Perry) is signed up and ready go! As you recall from our highlight at District Conference we are asking every church to register and engage this impact-filled opportunity. Why not reach out to a few of the churches in your community to invite theme to join you?
What is PreacHER Sunday all about?

The Wesleyan Church has the premier seminal egalitarian influence in the history of the North American Church as our antecedent denominations Ordained the first woman both in America and in Canada. Luther Lee (Wesleyan Methodist) Ordained the first woman in the USA in 1853, and Rev. Ella Kinney Sanders was Ordained by the Reformed Baptist Alliance of Canada in 1901.

As you have likely heard, E&CD is celebrating PreacHer Sunday this September!  What is PreacHer Sunday about? It is encouraging every Wesleyan Church to invite a woman to preach at least one Sunday during the month of September.

  • We recognize that many of our Wesleyan churches do not have females on staff.  To help navigate this, HQ has created a database of women available to preach during the month of September. HQ is asking that all credentialed women use this form (CLICK HERE) to share their availability to preach in September. If you would like assistance in finding the right fit for your church, please contact DBA Member, Victoria Rowe (Framework) at
Thank you for partnering with us as we encourage women and men together to share the transforming message of Jesus!
  • It was also announced during an event for Women in Ministry @ Beulah Family Camp that the Atlantic District will provide a 100% reimbursement on the registration expense for any credentialed lady from our Ministerial Tribe who chooses to attend the Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Conference on March 7-9, 2024. CLICK HERE for registration details (travel, lodging, and meals are a personal/church expense).
Early bird registration concludes on October 15th.
Multisite Pearls of Wisdom
Multisite Better: Proven Strategies for Better Results was a webinar offered this winter from the learning of The Unstuck Group from working with more than 100 multisite churches.
Unstuck provides a Multisite Toolkit (CLICK HERE) as well as a myriad of resources for a variety of areas serving church multiplication and revitalization.
Summer Baptisms Scheduled? Send in your pics for the Connexion so we can celebrate together!
Kingswood University Trustees – Summer Session
I had the privilege of chairing an out of pattern summer session of the Kingswood University Board of Trustees the final week of July. President Steve Lennox and the Administrative Cabinet are continuing to take innovative leaps forward in the reimagination process for the future of KU raising and releasing Kingdom leaders for the North American Church and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!
Wondering what the “Meductic Mandate” is all about? CLICK HERE for my DS Report to get the full picture, and CLICK HERE for the Meductic Testimoniesdistributed at our District Conference on July 13th.
Free Resources for Transformed Lives
Exponential is providing a free Digital Access Pass through Right Now Media for the “Lost Cause – Reviving Evangelism 2023” resources. CLICK HERE for more information about these excellent and inspiring tools as you prayerfully plan your fall launch in mobilizing disciple-makers.
Kevin Myers (12Stone) thots from XY Conference…

  • We think God should exist for our problems when the truth is we exist to join God’s purpose. Get on God’s purpose because it’s bigger than your problems.
  • Men are created to be protectors and providers. If you don’t protect and you have no choice but to make life about yourself – you indulge.
  • What impacted Pilate was not that Jesus fought, but that He was fearless.
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CLICK HERE for National Prayer Tour Updates
CLICK HERE to follow along with the National Prayer Tour and watch the livestream of the prayer gatherings each Sunday night! CLICK HERE for an excellent interview with the two Kingswood students who are making this possible as they travel across Canada over this summer.
Kingdom Multiplication Opportunity for Partnership!
Dr. Justin Bradbury is actively recruiting a couple or individuals to join the Sea2Sky Network as Resident Pastors this Fall 2023. CLICK HERE for more information, or contact him directly (403-589-2314;
  • The National Conference of The Wesleyan Church of Canada will be held on August 11-12 in Justin’s home “town” of Calgary for the specific purpose of highlighting our need to join this vision for new Kingdom locations across Canada.
CLICK HERE to Check Out This Three Stage Approach
CLICK HERE for the slide deck of “A Census was Taken: Opportunities for the Church Created by Recent Immigration to Canada.”

LOVE NEW CANADIANS is available to help in any way to empower the ministry of your Local Church to reach the approximately 500,000 immigrants to Canada each year.

With increasing numbers of both documented and undocumented migrants, many believers are looking for local organizations that serve them. Immigrant Ministry Connections provides THREE links you may find helpful:

Does your church family know how to begin a conversation with someone from another culture? Would it help to have a simple set of easily teachable steps for them to follow? Our free online course, Cross-Cultural Friendships 101 equips believers to:

  • Learn three phrases that will build rapport in the first 60 seconds
  • Use simple questions to deepen the conversation
  • Engage their new friend’s children
  • Involve their church in the relationship
  • Build genuine community through shared meals

CLICK HERE to access this free online course through Immigrant Ministry Connections.

CLICK HERE to Register Your Team – September 8th!
Love Atlantic 2023!
Love Atlantic celebrated 135 churches/organizations, $445K of generosity, and 8000+ hours of volunteers service to lift up the Name of Jesus last year.
Save the Date: September 24, 2023
CLICK HERE to register your church – All the resources you need will be available on this site soon as you prepare your church family to join in sharing the love of Christ as you launch in the fall!
Follow 2023 – International Wesleyan Youth Conference
Our Church Multiplication & Discipleship team would love to invite you to the International Wesleyan Youth Conference – Follow 2023.

  • All middle school, high school, and young adults are welcome to come discover their kingdom calling. We are expectant for God to move in mighty ways. Mark your calendar for December 28-30, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

SAVE THE DATE: Atlantic District 2024 Winter Ministerial
When: January 17-18, 2024
Where: Kings Church (Valley Location)
Who: Dr. Steve DeNeff



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