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It’s Monday Again

He is Risen! Churches may have been empty yesterday, but the CHURCH was engaged and deployed. And like no Easter in living memory, the Gospel was proclaimed across the Atlantic region with RECORD online engagement. Seeds of eternal harvest were sown, many bearing fruit this weekend. As John Symonds (Crosspoint) [...]

It’s Monday Again

The first Discipleship Pathway Cohort launched on Wednesday with facilitator Jason Vienneau (Corbett). Jon Wiest was present in person for the opening of this journey for our district leaders with representation from seven additional churches. The second cohort launched on Friday with co-faciliators Angela Flewelling (Encounter) & Sharon Guptill (Hillside) [...]

It’s Monday Again

A word of heartfelt appreciation and admiration for National Superintendent Stephen Elliott for his excellence in preparation as he convened the inaugural National Conference of The Wesleyan Church of Canada (TWCC) this past Wednesday and Thursday just south of Montreal. HC Wilson was elected National Superintendent Emeritus and delivered this compact [...]

It’s Monday Again

Ten churches began a six-month cohort journey this week with Jon Wiest to prepare for the launch at District Ministerial in January to Renew Discipleship Pathways in at least 80% of our churches during the fall of 2020. An overview of this initial focus in the values-driven vision of our 2025 Horizon Storyline was introduced in [...]

It’s Monday Again

Kathy Jeffries (Head of Millstream) celebrated two baptisms yesterday in the pool pictured above. Lisa Graden (Crystal) baptized a lady down at Crystal Creek yesterday. Lisa reports, "We also have two youth who are going through membership training and will become student members soon and we have had two people [...]


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