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The item that follows is a copy of an email I sent to the National Supt in New Zealand yesterday – it is “painfully” self-explanatory! With this turn of events, I will be in the office and around the district on a limited basis the next couple of weeks but will be taking a few personal days as well.

Dear Richard:
It is with deep regret that I must advise at this very late date that Gloria and I will be unable to be in New Zealand as planned. This morning we were boarding the plane in Halifax for the first leg of our journey and my wife took a serious fall in the jet way and after the paramedics arrived, she was taken to hospital by ambulance. As it turns out, she broke her foot and will be unable to put weight on it for at least two weeks and it is presently in a splint applied by the MD. She is to return to the doctor in two days.
Obviously, we could not board the flight and our bags were removed as well. My office was on the phone today seeking to make or at least explore options. Gloria would definitely not be able to attend and even if she were able/willing, Air New Zealand will not allow a passenger on their aircraft with a recent break of their bones due to fears of clotting and the like. After exploring the possibilities, it became apparent that the whole trip would have to be cancelled due to her situation and the complications of rebooking travel in any event with the time constraints.
I am profoundly disappointed. Our anticipation was keen and high in visiting with the church there, renewing old acquaintances, forming new relationships and seeing your beautiful country. We are both deeply sorry to send this email to you but have no alternative. It is my sincere desire to have an opportunity to be with you at a future date should you wish.
I am so sorry to put you in the spot of having to find a pinch-hitter speaker for the events later this week. Please let your people know of my regret and offer my apologies.

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