It's Monday Again

Good Wednesday afternoon on the last day of January.  Given the blur of the last three or four days of activity, I’m not sure what day this is but I’m going to take a shot at Monday….again!
Karl Gorman from our Yarmouth church underwent open heart surgery in Halifax last week.  The reports have been positive and we are thanking God for Karl’s excellent response to the surgery.
A special need at our church plant in CBS, Newfoundland – Bible studies are beginning this month in the home of Darren and Janel Clark and they really need a snowblower to both clear space for the cars of those coming to the study and to be a good neighbour to those around them.  If you have interest in helping with this, please contact our office.
Selinda Ingalls has returned to Swaziland for another year of ministry.  Some of you are supporting her economically and many of you have her on your prayer list.  Thanks for being faithful to those commitments.
Beulah Camp – 4-bedroom year-round home for sale, built in 1996.  For more information, call Dave and Pearl Flannigan at 506-384-4509, or our office.
Pete Thomas at Fredericton-Corbett and Jeff Hoyt at Havelock, NS resigned this past Sunday.  I’ll be working with these churches in the not-too-distant future as we begin the pastoral search process.
We received word just a few days ago from Fred Whittier concerning their son, Caleb.  Many of you will remember that Caleb contracted E-coli a couple of years ago and had a very difficult time.  They have recently been informed by the doctors that Caleb’s kidneys have not been growing as a result of the E-coli and they have begun the process to get Caleb’s name on the kidney transplant list.  The Whittiers are requesting an interest in our prayers.  Fred is presently serving as pastor of the Nazarene Church in Truro.
The Beulah website  has recently been updated.  While detailed schedule information for Beulah 2007 is not yet ready for posting, the principle speakers and musicians have been posted.  Please check it out and be certain you have the dates for Beulah ’07 reserved on your calendar.
I had a very productive meeting in Halifax last week with our E&CG guy, Dean Brown.  We reviewed the status/progress of our plants in Miramichi, Sydney, and CBS, and looked with anticipation to future planting efforts on our District.  Be watching for details on a new church plant this summer.
I also met with the LBA at Dartmouth-Hillside as we began the process of pastoral search there occasioned by Peter Moore’s resignation in order to accept the Executive Director position at World Hope Canada.  We made good progress and I anticipate they will interview a prospective candidate within the next two weeks.
Sunday, February 18th, is Amazing Grace Sunday across The Wesleyan Church.  All of our churches are asked to incorporate the singing of “Amazing Grace” in the worship services of February 18th in honor of the absolution of slavery across the British Empire through the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce.  For more information or resources, visit and follow the links to Wesleyan Publishing House.
Sunday, March 25th, is being set aside as a Day of Prayer for Church Planting here on our District.  Dean Brown, our E&CG guy, joins me in requesting that church planting be included as a prayer focus on Sunday, March 25th.
This past Sunday, I was at the church in Havelock, NB (Nick Graham) and spoke in the service.  Gloria and I had the privilege of sharing the noon meal with Nick, Beth and the girls in the parsonage.  Had an excellent visit and I thank the Lord for young pastoral couples like the Grahams.
Ministers’ Prayer & Fast Retreat – Beulah – February 27 & 28 – watch for details.
THOT:  Live every day like it’s your last, ‘cause one day you’re gonna be right. – Ray Charles

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