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Greetings on Sunday evening! 
I just completed a very enjoyable ministry weekend at Fredericton-Olivet.  On Friday evening, I spoke at a seniors’ banquet, on Saturday I had two sessions with married couples – one being a breakfast brunch and the other a sweetheart banquet.  I also spoke in the service this morning and had a very pleasant Sunday dinner with Pastor Tom and Marilyn Ward and their children in the parsonage.   There was an excellent number of seniors and married couples at the events on Friday and Saturday, and a number of new faces in the congregation this morning.  There is a general sense of positive forward movement in the church – it was an excellent weekend. 
Ministers’ Prayer & Fast Retreat – Beulah Camp – February 27 & 28.  Please plan to arrive by mid-afternoon on Tuesday, the 27th and we will conclude by mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the 28th.  We will fast three meal times together – Tuesday supper and Wednesday breakfast and lunch.  Accommodations will be provided at Heritage Hall and the Beulah Hotel.  If you plan to attend, please drop me an email simply saying, “I plan to be at the prayer & fast.”  This will assist me in preparation.  Thanks!
Sunday, February 18th, is Amazing Grace Sunday across The Wesleyan Church.  All of our churches are asked to incorporate the singing of “Amazing Grace” in the worship services of February 18th in honor of the absolution of slavery across the British Empire through the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce.  For more information or resources, visit and follow the links to Wesleyan Publishing House.
Sunday, March 25th, is being set aside as a Day of Prayer for Church Planting here on our District.  Dean Brown, our E&CG guy, joins me in requesting that church planting be included as a prayer focus on Sunday, March 25th.
Pastoral News:
• Jeremiah Gomez resigned today as pastor at Monticello Community.
• A.J. Plaizier resigned today as youth/assistant pastor at Bristol Trinity.
• Marc LaPointe resigned today as worship pastor at Fredericton-First.
• John Symonds will be candidating for the senior pastor’s position at Fredericton-Corbett Avenue on February 25th.  This unanimous decision by their LBA was announced to the congregation this morning.
A district mission team of 17 people is leaving for Haiti on Tuesday of this week.  We still have a mission team from our district in Egypt.  Please remember both of these teams in prayer that their ministry will have significant Kingdom impact.
I met this past week with our Blue Cross representative, Mr. Dan Lutes, to review our most recent quarter of activity on the health care plan for our district Canadian participants.  I am pleased to report that the plan is progressing well and that those of you who are plan participants are utilizing the benefits in a very responsible manner.  Thank you for doing so.
Your District Camp Board met in Moncton on Thursday of this past week.  A number of significant items were processed and extended discussion was given to the funding challenge of the wastewater system upgrade.  All of you who are cottage owners, RV site lot holders, and other interested parties will be receiving further information about your opportunity to share in this significant challenge.
Caton’s Island brochures and registration forms for the 2007 season are being mailed/delivered to all of our churches in the next several days.  Pastors – keep an eye out for this important arrival. 
THOT:  In 1492, Columbus set out for the Orient and ended up in the Caribbean, thus setting a pattern that has continued for over 500 years.  Men will not stop and ask for directions!

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