It's Monday Again

Some say, “better late than never.”  And, some say, “better never than late.”  If you are in the first group, read on.  It’s Tuesday night and here comes It’s Monday Again.
Gloria and I were in Newfoundland this past weekend and returned last evening.  We had a wonderful visit at Solid Rock (Graham and Rebecca Perry) where things continue to move forward with a number of new adults and children present in the services.  We also had a visit with Darren and Janel Clark who are working to plant a beachhead in CBS. 
Congratulations to David and Bethanie Klob (BBC) on the safe arrival of their daughter, Kylie Elizabeth who arrived this afternoon weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz.  All are doing well.  PTL.
Rob McDowell has accepted the invitation of senior pastor Jay Guptill to join him on the staff at Dartmouth-Hillside.  We welcome Rob and Julie back to the district.
There will be a Gigantic Yard Sale on the verandah of the Beulah Hotel this Saturday, May 19th.  There will be furniture items, various articles, and baking goods offered for sale.  There will also be a BBQ from 11 AM to 1 PM.  All proceeds from the sale go to the support of the wastewater project at Beulah.
The church at Westchester extended a unanimous 2-year call to Jasper Rideout to continue to serve as their pastor.  Including members and non-members, the vote was 36-0.
Sydney-Harbour (Michael and Tammy Hutton) will be involved in the Week of Hope from June 3-10.  This will involve a 24/7 prayer vigil with participants from several churches in the Sydney area.  The event will conclude with a joint celebration on Sunday, June 10th. 
The detailed Beulah schedule will be posted on the Beulah website later this week.  While there may be some changes later, this will give the general overview of the day-to-day activities planned for this summer.  Check it out at
In addition to the Newfoundland trip, this past week included an ordination interview in Jonesport with Pastor Rich Thomas and his wife, Katie.  The committee also had an opportunity to visit the new supply pastor at Beals Island, Jesse Merchant, together with the LBA vice-chair Elmer Beal, and Jeremiah Mutty, a young man assisting in the church.  Dave MacDonald and Bruce Cheney were with me on this trip.
Pastors – don’t forget it’s report time.  Given the extra pressure associated with leadership transition this year, we really need your help in being punctual with your statistical and other reports.  Remember – being in the ministry is a real job – honor the deadlines.
Pastors – Note #2 – The infamous summer ministry assignment list is being mailed this week together with a cover letter.  Please read both over carefully and thanks in advance for taking these assignments seriously and responsibly. 
The largest offering in Beulah history – Sunday, July 15 – watch for a note in your mail.
THOT:  The devil wants you to think there’s nothing more permanent than your temporary situation. – John L. Mason

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