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Good Monday afternoon!  I am back in town today after a whirlwind trip to California this weekend.  I flew to San Diego on Saturday to be at Skyline as the special speaker for their global outreach weekend.  I spoke in two services Saturday evening and three services on Sunday morning, and also had opportunity to meet with their missions staff and global outreach committee.  I flew back overnight on the red eye and am in the office in Moncton today.  I leave tomorrow afternoon for the Ukraine for the World Hope Canada board meeting and will be in the Global Partners office the following week.  We plan to relocate our Moncton office to Beulah during the week of June 18th. 
While at Skyline, I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Orval Butcher.  Pastor Garlow asked Dr. Butcher to offer prayer and his voice was strong and vibrant and his spirit positive and encouraging.  He is nearly 90 and is an incredible example of what it means to “finish well.”
The Hartland church (Mel Norton) hosted Watoto Children’s Concert of Hope Choir yesterday.  The choir is touring North America to raise awareness and funds concerning the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.  Approximately 800 people attended the two services and over $3,600 was given to the choir as an offering.
Carl and Maya Gilles have recently been appointed as career missionaries to Haiti.  We congratulate them on this appointment. 
The basket-making class that was very popular at Beulah last summer will be offered again this year under the leadership of Maggie Bean.  The class is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and is limited to 10 people.  The cost is $35.00 which includes the materials and instruction.  To register for this class, please contact Maggie at
The WiFi zone at Beulah has been expanded considerably.  The coverage area and the speed of access have both been expanded and upgraded.  While the whole campground is not covered, the availability has been significantly expanded from last year which was our first year to offer WiFi.  When you are on the grounds, you will notice WiFi signs in several places indicating that coverage is available. 
Riverside Camp will be in operating again this summer beginning with Kids’ Camp I on July 16th and concluding with Family Camp running from August 5-12.  The Riverside website will be updated this week and you may access full information at  Information may also be obtained from Mike Corey, camp chairman, 207-488-6917 or;  or from Marilyn Bouchard, camp treasurer, 207-764-5187 or
Dean Brown resigned yesterday at Halifax-Metro.  He will be candidating this coming Sunday at his home church in Corinth, New York and in all likelihood will assume the pastoral responsibilities there in early July.  We will miss Dean and Rosalie from our district family.
Pastors – Statistical reports were due May 31st.  I asked for special diligence in being on time this year with the reports so that we may prepare appropriately for District Conference.  We are now four days past the due date and six churches have not responded with the statistical report and two churches have responded with a partial report.  We really need those of you who are tardy to respond promptly.  You know who you are so I will not embarrass you by listing your name here.  Please get with it!  If you’ve not sent your report, please fax or email so that the office staff can begin to compile the data. 
Trailer for sale at Beulah – Contact Gary or Debbie Churchill for more information at 506-622-0126.
Don’t forget – largest offering in Beulah history – Sunday evening, July 15th. 
IMA will not be published next week since I will be in the Ukraine.
THOT:  Meeting one need is more important than spotting 50. – Marshall Shelley

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