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Good afternoon on the day of the first snowfall of the season.  It really looks beautiful today – check with me in February! 
I received some wonderful pictures today from Kerry Allison of the new addition to Hope House in the Ukraine.  A marvelous improvement!  Our sincere thanks to Kerry and Carole for their excellent work with the staff and street kids in the Ukraine.
I was in Toronto this past week to chair a meeting of the Management Committee of The Wesleyan Church of Canada.  The function of TWCC has become considerably more expansive recently due to changes in CRA regulations that impact the flow of funds between Canada and the U.S.  The Management Committee is comprised of three persons from Headquarters and three each from Central Canada and Atlantic Districts. 
We received a note from Hephzibah Children’s Home that Campbell’s will no longer accept UPC labels from Canadian soup cans.  The only label to be submitted to Hephzibah must come from cans that were packed in the U.S.
On Saturday morning, I had opportunity to visit the new facility leased by Bangor-Pathway (Mike Tapper).  While I saw the facility prior to the renovation/redecoration, I had not seen it since that work was completed.  It looks great!  I also enjoyed my visit with Pastor Mike Tapper.  
Hammonds Plains – Cornerstone (Denn Guptill) continues to move forward since occupying their new building.  Attendance a week ago was 212 for a November average of 180 – the best ever.  October’s average was 178, up more than 100 from a year ago.
World Hope U.S. under the leadership of Executive Director Jo Anne Lyon has recently been selected to lead a $7.7 million HIV/AIDS initiative in Haiti.  Jo Anne was present in the West Wing of the White House when the announcement was made by President Bush.  This is an incredible statement of support for the ministries of World Hope and we are all exceedingly grateful to Jo Anne for her dedicated and excellent leadership. 
The Gathering is scheduled in Orlando January 2-5, 2007.  Those of you planning to attend please note – there will be a reception for all Atlantic District personnel following the opening rally on Tuesday, January 2nd.  The reception will begin at 9:00 PM and will be held in the Lemon Ballroom at the Wyndham Orlando Resort.  Refreshments will be served and there will be a special gift for every minister in attendance.  This reception is provided by our District in appreciation for the ministry impact of our pastoral team.  Don’t miss it!
Speaking of Florida, our annual Atlantic District Snowbird Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, January 17th, 8:30 AM, in the Country Kitchen in Brooksville.  Gloria and I look forward to greeting all of our Atlantic District snowbirds.  This event is always a highlight of our annual trip to Florida. 
Presque Isle (Rick Kavanaugh) has adopted a new approach to special Christmas programming.  Rather than doing a traditional Christmas production – a show and tell event – they are instead offering a go-and-tell event.  They are taking a down-sized production to four neighborhoods in the city.  They will set up outside and present music, testimonies, and a Gospel presentation by Pastor Rick.  In order to draw a crowd, they’ll be canvassing the neighborhoods ahead of time, announcing the event.  They will also offer sleigh rides for the children and present gifts to the residents of the selected neighborhoods.  I am looking forward to hearing reports of people far from God meeting the Master because of these significant events. 
A number of you who have been involved in Learning Clusters should have received a fairly recent note from Jay Guptill advising that we have revised the Learning Cluster approach.  Rather than offer the LCs in a structured format, we are encouraging affinity groups to “cluster” according to common interests, geography, or age.  We sincerely encourage such groups and would love to hear from meetings that may be held.
Alpha Specialties Atlantic Road Trip 2007 will be held in five Atlantic Canada cities in January.  For further information, go to
Gloria and I were privileged to attend the Living Christmas Tree in Moncton on Thursday night.  Our complements to Pastor Loren Lewis for a program of high impact and excellence.
Yesterday morning, I spoke in the church at Jonesport (Rich Thomas) and also shared the noon meal with Rich and Katie in the parsonage.  We appreciated their hospitality and it was good to see new faces in the congregation.
On a personal note, I went Christmas shopping on Friday and Saturday with three women – my wife, my daughter, and her daughter.  What a trip!  It was a most enjoyable time and I am enormously grateful for the blessing of family.
THOT:  If they try, they deserve another chance.  If they don’t try, make sure they leave.  –  Peter Drucker

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