It's Monday Again

We’re back from our three week absence from the District that included attendance at The Gathering, hosting the annual District Snowbirds’ Breakfast at Brooksville, a Sunday at Scarborough-Coastal, and a vacation break.  We had a wonderful time away and it’s good to be back.
The Gathering was an outstanding event that drew more pastors and spouses together than have ever assembled previously in our denomination   – more than 2,000.  Overall, I thought the event was an outstanding success and our District was one of the largest delegations present with more than 140 of our people there.  The worship team included several people from our District and they did an excellent job and I must say I was proud!
The Snowbirds’ Breakfast was held in Brooksville on the 17th.  There were about 60 people present and Gloria and I always enjoy this time of contact with our people.
We received a sad word yesterday that the son-in-law (Ted) of Bernard and Jeannine Mullen, passed away suddenly at the age of 35.  We understand he took sick last Wednesday, was subsequently diagnosed with acute leukemia, and passed away on Sunday morning.  We extend our very sincere and profound sympathy to Linda, Bernie, Jeannine and the extended family.
Sunday, February 18th, is Amazing Grace Sunday across The Wesleyan Church.  All of our churches are asked to incorporate the singing of “Amazing Grace” in the worship services of February 18th in honor of the absolution of slavery across the British Empire through the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce.  For more information or resources, visit and follow the links to Wesleyan Publishing House.
The Gaither Homecoming Tour is coming to Harbour Station in Saint John on Friday, June 1st.  Tickets went on sale yesterday, January 22nd, and were sold out the first day! 
Beulah Camp – July 6-15.
Sunday, March 25th, is being set aside as a Day of Prayer for Church Planting here on our District.  Dean Brown, our E&CG guy, joins me in requesting that church planting be included as a prayer focus on Sunday, March 25th.
All pastors should have received a SpringLife CD and resources a few weeks ago.  This is a special thrust seeking to help churches maximize the opportunities to present the Gospel during the Lenten and Easter season, March 4 – April 29.  If you are a pastor and if for any reason did not receive this material, please request a copy at
On Saturday, I visited the Sebago Center Community Church located about 40 minutes outside Scarborough.  The church is pastored by Karen Moore who has been part of the Coastal congregation and holds ministerial standing with our District.  This small rural church has seen significant growth under Karen’s leadership.
This past Sunday morning, we were at Scarborough-Coastal (Dwayne Hopkins) and I spoke in both of their morning services.  They are enjoying a wonderful season these days with attendances running at all-time highs with many new faces in the congregation. 
THOT:  The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business.  –  George Bernard Shaw

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