September 11, 2006

Five years ago today — do you remember where you were when you got the word that the World Trade Center Twin Towers had been attacked by terrorists? It was one of those moments we will all long remember.
As you know from an email sent last week, we are working on this new format for It’s Monday Again. I will be sending a note to the regular email list today reminding everyone to visit the blog. Gloria and I will be away from the office attending a convention and enjoying a holiday break for the next two weeks. Next week, IMA will not be published at all. Because of outgoing email capacity limits in the hotel where we will be staying, no bulk IMA will be emailed on September 25 but there will be an entry on the blog. You may now access the blog directly at (Our thanks to Troy for these upgrades.)
Upcoming Events:

Married Couples’ Retreat at Beulah Camp – September 29-October 1.
New Pastors’ Orientation Day at the Moncton church and the District office – Friday, October 13 — Notices are in the mail to those who will be involved.
Special Pastors’ Seminar at the Moncton church – Thursday, November 2, 1:00-4:30 PM. Leading A Changing Church In A Changing Culture with Rev. Phil Stevenson.

Easton (Matt Maxwell) had 151 present yesterday morning (LYA 113) They have had 9 persons accept Christ since June and they recently baptized 13 people. PTL.
Pastors — if your spouse has an email address, would you please send it along to us at We are working to develop a pastors’ spouses email database. Thanks.
Mount Pearl Solid Rock (Graham Perry) held their first missions convention this past weekend with Rick and Eunice Cox from Swaziland as their special guests. Last year, the congregation committed $572/month in faith promise giving and this year committed to give $947/month — a very significant increase. PTL!
The 2006 District Journals arrived at our office this morning. We will be distributing these over the next few weeks. Pastors, if you or someone from your church will be going through Moncton anytime soon, please drop into our office at 1830 Mountain Road and pick up your copies. To mail these incurs a very significant postage/shipping charge (approximately $3/copy CDN) that we are seeking to minimize.
Hammonds Plains Cornerstone (Denn Guptill) had 148 in service yesterday morning, baptized 4 and last Wednesday evening had 34 present at youth group. Their Sunday attendance one year ago yesterday was 34. PTL!
While Gloria and I are away from the office, Karrilee will be in Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. For routine district matters, please feel free to contact Assistant DS Buckingham at 506-857-2293. In case of emergency, Karrilee will have numbers where we can be contacted and I will be checking email routinely.
Lower Brighton (Glen McVicar) held a Kids’ Carnival on Saturday with 49 in attendance. The day included the carnival activities, singing, skit that presented the Gospel message, and finished off with a BBQ. A number of these children showed up for Sunday School yesterday morning and the event was a great encouragement to the pastor and congregation.
Yesterday morning, we were at Nackawic (Carl and Evelyn Brewer) for the service. There were circa 90 in attendance with the church filled to capacity and a couple of folks sitting in the lobby. They’ll be holding a “well walk” in two weeks to celebrate the raising of money for two more clean water wells in Sierra Leone, bringing to 5 the total of these wells they have funded. Our congratulations to the pastors and congregation at Nackawic.
Last evening, I was at Brown’s Flat to receive charter members into the fellowship. There were 33 members received — 3 by profession of faith and 30 by transfer. Those transferring came from 10 different churches representing 4 districts of The Wesleyan Church and one person from the Church of the Nazarene. They had 60 people present yesterday morning and more than $1600 in the offering.
THOT: The final result of the eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth theory, is two toothless blind men. – Donald Trump
Carpe Diem,

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