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Pastor Kevin Myers and Sydney New Roots Wesleyan had to deal with a last-minute cancellation of their meeting space recently in the Delta Hotel.  They were also quite surprised to learn that for the month of December the Delta will not be available to them.  They have been forced to look for another location.  God answers prayer, and the New Roots church plant found a place at the Days Inn where they have met for the last couple of weeks.  The good news is the Days Inn has a pool, and yesterday (12-19-10) Pastor Kevin was able to baptize two people who have been waiting to take this important step of obedience.  Please pray concerning New Root’s meeting location.  They need a place that will be available to them on a consistent basis, and also meet their growing needs.  Secondly, pray that God will raise up leaders who can be trained to do His work, and who will provide stable leadership.  Thank you, Kevin and Laura, for your front-line obedience and faithfulness.  Have a blessed Christmas!

Pastor Joel Wydysh, Hampton, PE – Island Wesleyan, shares that they had three first-time decisions for Christ just recently.  Two of those individuals had been living together.  Pastor Joel says they gave their lives to Christ in a Sunday service, were baptized the very next Saturday, and then on Sunday morning (one week after they were saved) they were married in the Sunday morning service.  The church folks got on board in a big way and put together a memorable celebration in just one week.  Pastor Joel used the opportunity (at the request of the groom) to teach some important truths and principles on marriage during the message.  This is a powerful example of life transformation!
Flooding has been a serious consideration in several communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  I have had conversations with a few of our pastors about this matter.  Pastor Scott Lewis in Lower Hainesville says they have had disruptions on a grub road near them.  The main secondary road to Fredericton has not been passable through Zealand and Burtts Corner.  Pastor Jasper Rideout, North Head Wesleyan, has a house in Zealand that has been occupied by his son Ben and his family since last winter.  Last Monday, the Keswick River flooded its banks and Ben and his family found themselves standing on the side deck at 2:00 AM in a foot of water waiting for a boat to pick them up.  Ben’s family lost everything they own including their vehicles.  The Rideouts said there was probably three feet or more of water in the house.  Pastor Jeff Hoyt and the Black’s Harbour Wesleyan Church are next door to St. George, NB where there has been significant flooding.  The members of the Black’s Harbour congregation have not been affected directly in any serious way but they know people who have been impacted.  300 people in the St. George area have asked for help.  The Black’s Harbour Wesleyans are responding, and the Kings Valley Wesleyan Church has responded with canned goods to this need as well.  These are just some examples.  Thanks to all, both named and un-named, for responding to the needs.  Please keep all those affected by the flood in your prayers.
Monticello Wesleyan Church had 37 people in attendance (lya 24) on December 5th when I was there, and 36 the previous week.  The people were actively engaged in the worship service, and the fellowship was warm following the service as the congregation enjoyed a meal together.  The church sold their parsonage a few months ago.  The sale proceeds have allowed the congregation to dig a new well, put on a new church roof, upgrade the church’s wiring, upgrade the kitchen, and protect a good sum for a down payment on a new parsonage (when the time comes).  Some of these projects have been completed and others are in process.  Jason Rooney serves as the pastor.
I was in Westchester Wesleyan on Sunday, December 12th, and conducted my seventh pastoral installation this year.  I installed Rev. Linda Fillmore as pastor.  She and her husband, Sterling, have been at Westchester in a full-time capacity since November 1st.  We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and food following the service with the pastor and the congregation.
Pastor Andrew Maves reports that Digby Wesleyan had over 200 people last Sunday (12-12-10) on a regular Sunday with no special outreach emphasis.  They have not been under 180 in attendance for several weeks.  Space issues are a good challenge!
Charlottetown, PE – Sunrise Wesleyan, has relocated from the Charlottetown Mall back to the Benevolent Irish Society (BIS) Building (where they used to meet).  They had space issues in the place where they had been meeting in the mall.  The BIS plans to add classrooms in the new year, pending approval for a government grant.  This added space would be available to the Charlottetown congregation for use, and would allow for future expansion.  Greg Hanson is the pastor.
Pastor Scott Lewis, Lower Hainesville Wesleyan, reports that they had 80 people out to a music night provided by Pastors Carl & Evelyn Brewer two weeks ago, and they had 90 out to their Christmas Concert on December 12th (lya 25).  Community connections are vital to outreach.
Brazil Lake Wesleyan had 301 people from all around their area hear the Gospel over the three nights they presented the “Road to Bethlehem.”  Pastor Amy Corey was thrilled as she saw her entire congregation come together to make this happen. Also since Evan Oxner has joined the ministry team, the youth group has been rejuvenated and has gone from two to a group that has averaged sixteen teens in the last couple of months.  Pastor Amy says they are blessed to see a core group who are very serious about their faith!
Pastor Mark Cooney, Millville Wesleyan, shares that his mother is now home from the Kingston, ON hospital and appears to be on the mend.  (We had asked you to pray for her in the November 22nd Under Sail).  Pastor Mark expresses appreciation on behalf of his family and himself for your interest and prayers.
Kentville – New Hope Wesleyan put on a major music/drama outreach to their community December 10 – 12.  The first night was a special emphasis toward those in the military and 90 military personnel were present at that particular performance.  The last two performances were to full houses.  500 people were in attendance for the three nights, not counting the cast and choir of 50 people (lya 161).  Scott Prime is the pastor.  Thanks for sharing His Message!
Nackawic Wesleyan packed out the church for their Christmas Concert on December 12th with 90 in attendance (lya 59).  The church holds 80 – 90 people so it was a good thing the choir was on the stage!  Pastor Ryan Farrell reported that The Fredericton – First Choir, under the direction of Ruby Mutch, provided an evening of Christmas music on Sunday night, November 28th.  This was another opportunity to connect with the community.  The church has raised $312 for local needs, and is going to provide the financial resources to dig four wells in other countries where this need is pressing.  Thanks for having a local and global view.
Fredericton – Corbett Ave Wesleyan had just under 600 persons come through the doors yesterday for their choir and puppet presentations.  John Symonds is the pastor.
The Camp Board has recommended, and the DBA has approved the appointment of Pastor Rob Trafton as Executive Director of Camping. This is a part-time position and Rob has volunteered his time at this point.  In consultation with the DS, Rob will work with the Beulah Caretaker, Bruce Cheney, and the Caton’s Director, Dean Stephenson.  He will give particular attention to the administrative oversight of both the Beulah and Caton’s camping operations, and help to address the off-season challenges.  He will also serve as an honorary member of the Camp Board.  Pastor Rob currently serves as the part-time Assistant Pastor at Sussex Wesleyan.
The Annual Atlantic District Snowbird Breakfast is scheduled for 9:00 AM on Saturday, January 8, 2011 in Brooksville, FL at the Country Kitchen Restaurant.  Those of you who have “gone south” during this time and are connected to the Atlantic District are invited to join us for this time of fellowship, District update, and good food.
I will be attending The Gathering ‘11 in Jacksonville, FL January 4-7, 2011.  Joanne and I will be back on the District for January 16th and back in the office January 17th.  The next Under Sail will be some time that week.
“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”                                                              – Roy L. Smith

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