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Moncton Wesleyan Lead Pastor Elect Announcement: This past December, Lead Pastor L.D. Buckingham gave early notice to the Moncton congregation of his June 30, 2014 retirement.  Pastor Buckingham spoke of the importance and need of a well processed transition to a new Lead Pastor.  The purpose of his early announcement was intended to accommodate that desire.  The Moncton Local Board of Administration (LBA) and the Lead Pastor Search Committee announced to their congregation this past Sunday morning (February 26, 2012) that Rev. Tim Guptill is being recommended unanimously by the Board as “Lead Pastor Elect.” Tim will preach in Moncton Sunday morning, March 18th, and then there will be a meeting for the Members of the church that Sunday night to vote on him as Lead Pastor Elect.  Pending the outcome of the congregational vote, Tim will join the Moncton Staff in July, work with Pastor Buckingham over the next two years, and then will assume full responsibility as Lead Pastor.  Tim is currently the Lead Pastor at Crosspoint Wesleyan Church in Fredericton, NB.
Pastoral Resignations:

  • Lead Pastor Tim Guptill resigned from Fredericton Crosspoint yesterday morning in order to allow his name to be put forward as Lead Pastor Elect at Moncton Wesleyan.
  • Senior Pastor Dwayne Hopkins resigned from Coastal Community Wesleyan Church in Scarborough, Maine yesterday morning.  He has served as their pastor for 13 years.
  • Pastor Kathy Shanks, Children’s Pastor at Moncton Wesleyan, has resigned and will be joining the Fredericton-Crosspoint staff June 1st as an Assistant Pastor.

Pastoral Votes:

  • Westchester Wesleyan conducted a recall vote this past Sunday on their pastor, Linda Fillmore.  She received a unanimous vote for an extended call.  Congratulations!
  • The Black’s Harbour Wesleyan LBA is unanimously recommending to their congregation Mark McCluskey as the candidate to be considered for their next pastor.  The church members will conduct a pastoral vote on March 4th.

Caton’s Island – Horse Program: For the past 25 years the horse program has played a significant role in attracting new and returning campers to the Island.  But in the last several years the cost associated with running a program of this nature has increased substantially.  We have also noted a marked decrease in those registering for the horsemanship camps.  These realities have prompted us to reassess our present horse program, understanding interests among campers change with time.  After evaluating the pros and cons of continuing to run an activity of this nature, the Camp Board voted unanimously to end the horse program effective immediately.  Caton’s Island Director, Dean Stephenson, has begun the search for new attractions that will replace the horse program and provide a wider appeal in today’s camper market.  We express our heart-felt thanks to Dean Bell for his 18 years of dedicated service to this program.  His hard work and knowledge in caring for horses has without a doubt enabled Caton’s to maintain this program over the years.  Dean will continue to work with horses.  He has accepted a new position as Teamster at Kings Landing near Fredericton.  We wish him the very best as he assumes this responsibility.  We ask for your continued prayers and support as we enter this new camping season, and endeavor to provide each camper with a spiritually enriched and fun-filled experience.
I was in Lower Brighton Wesleyan on February 19th for the Sunday morning service.  There were 52 in church for the Sunday morning service (lya 46).  I brought greetings on behalf of the District and Pastor Glen McVicar brought a good message.  The previous Sunday, a grandson of one of the church members was there to give his testimony.  He has gone through the Teen Challenge program.  It was a triumphant service and 74 were present to hear about Christ’s power to deliver.  Lower Brighton has a strong emphasis on Global Missions.  They support a number of GP missionaries and projects, and World Hope Canada endeavors.  In the last two months they have done two or three strategic outreach events in their community, and they have connected well.   Willie Thompson has started a Youth group that runs 20 teens on average.  They have 19 teens signed up for Rally in the Valley in May!  That is a significant number for this church.  Keep up the good work!  We enjoyed a good visit with the McVicar family at the parsonage as well as an excellent home cooked meal.
Yesterday, Joanne and I were at Yarmouth Wesleyan.  This is a warm and friendly congregation.  It is always a delight to be with them.  There were 415 people present for the Sunday morning service (lya 414).  A variety of good ministries are happening across the congregation.  Within the last two weeks, they have a launched a coffee house ministry in a facility they have rented across from the Rudder Restaurant in the downtown area.  We toured the location.  It has already provided them with opportunity to connect with folks who don’t normally come through the church doors.  It is a promising “experiment” at this point, but it has a lot of potential.  We enjoyed the visit with Senior Pastor David & Dawn Wilcox, and the pastoral staff and spouses over lunch.
Congratulations!  Carl & Maya Gilles, missionaries to Haiti, are pleased to announce the birth of their fourth daughter, Aaliyah. She was born in Quebec on Valentine’s Day, and weighed 7.7 lbs.  Her sisters, Bethsaina, Thea, and Zahra were really happy to see her.  The Gilles plan to return to Haiti as soon as Aaliyah has her passport.

Pastor Kyle and Megan Belden are very pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Abby Aliyah Belden, born February 14th, and weighed 6 lbs, 8 oz.  Kyle is the Youth Pastor at Yarmouth Wesleyan.  Professor Mike and Colleen MacNeil are the maternal grandparents.  Mike is the Praxis Program Director at Kingswood University.

Congratulations!  Pastor David Hockley
, Ingomar Wesleyan, and Amy DeMings were engaged on January 26, 2012.  David is a 2011 graduate of Bethany Bible College (Kingswood University), and Amy is a fourth-year student there, and will graduate this May.  They will be married August 11, 2012.  Ingomar is Amy’s home church.

Rev. Gene Hudson
shares that ten days ago their Oncologist told them that cancer has spread throughout Cheryl’s body.  Chemo is no longer making any difference, and so they have stopped it.  Cheryl was moved to the palliative care unit at Prince Edward Home, 5 Brighton Rd., Charlottetown, PE, C1A 8T6.  The goal now is to keep her pain free, and try to relieve the nausea.  Gene thanks everyone for their prayers, cards, flowers, phone calls and thoughts.

Kingswood University TESL Course – For those interested in helping immigrants who do not speak English, Kingswood University offers a short, intensive TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program.  The course gives students a solid foundation in theory, methodology, and practice.  Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, allowing students time on Wednesday and the weekend to work on assignments.  Following the classroom instruction, students complete a practicum, providing them with teaching experience. Those who successfully fulfill the requirements of the program are awarded a basic certificate in TESL that may be used around the world for hiring purposes and/or for application to TESL Canada for certification.  Applications are now being taken for the 2012 course held May 3-18.  For more information, please contact Shelley Vail at 506-432-4422 or

Pastor Rich Thomas, Jonesport Wesleyan, is very happy to report that his green card has been approved!  PTL!  It’s been a long process!
Correction – In the last Under Sail I reported that Black’s Harbour had 80 people in church Feb. 5th.  That was my mistake. There were 115 people in church (lya 104).
I do not know what your destiny will be.  Some of you will perhaps occupy remarkable positions.  But I know one thing.  The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” – Dr. Albert Schweitzer (speaking to a graduating class)

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