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Monday Again

Raising leaders matters. Our District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD) offers an annual THRIVE Workshop for Licensed Ministers and those recently Ordained. On Monday and Tuesday of this past week, Dr. Dan Poff (Indiana Wesleyan University) provided point leadership for 23 participants and coaches on the theme of dealing with conflict […]

Monday Again

The “Flood of 2018” is a matter of record in New Brunswick history as the worst ever now surpassing 1973 levels. As one sign posted on social media reads, “Stop looking. Start helping!” There are many organizations and local efforts which need support. One worthy of special highlight is Samaritan’s Purse. […]

Monday Again

The college and university presidents that serve the educational institutions of The Wesleyan Church in North America meet annually and this year they, along with their spouses, met in our region and here hosted by President and Mrs Steve Lennox. Dr. Lennox commented: “Enjoyed hosting other Wesleyan college/university presidents and […]

Monday Again

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Yesterday I was privileged to speak at Kings Valley and to install Brent Ingersoll as the Lead Pastor. Great energy and synergy swirling in the place. Excellent spirit and strong crowd in both services. The installation and my message are both available on vimeo. Met with the Leadership Team at Deep […]



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