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Hope Wesleyan Advent & Fishermen’s Service Weekend
This was a big weekend in Shelburne for Hope (Joanne Ozon). The Saturday evening Fishermen’s Service was well attended with many guests. Most churches in fishing communities offer these annual services to build bridges in the lead up to Dumping Day which marks the beginning of lobster season. This year’s service included a heartfelt compilation of video testimonies from those in the Hope Wesleyan family who are directly impacted by the industry.

CLICK HERE to check out these incredible testimonies. This video was posted on Facebook Saturday night after the service and already has more than 250 shares and nearly 12,000 views in less than three days! What an amazing witness in the region – well done!

Moncton (Jim Clements) celebrated twelve child dedications with families earlier this month – a fitting lead into the Advent Season. This past Sunday the congregation was invited to take part in “Family Feeding A Family” which could be selected by taking a Christmas Dinner ornament with a grocery list. This challenge was accepted by many families, small groups, and individuals who committed to buy all the items on the list and bring them in for the church to deliver in the coming weeks to families in need.

  • Just how many? Well… 58 “ornament” commitments to be exact! People weren’t asked to give the money directly to the church, they were asked to take initiative to go out and give of their time and invest in creating the Christmas Dinner package themselves that would be delivered to a deserving family. A fantastic idea and only God knows all the lives this will touch with His love in the weeks ahead!
Pastoral Stress-Resilience Factors – Winter Pastor Clusters
More than 20 Pastor Cluster Leaders are scheduled to join the Quarterly Leader Session on December 14th with Charles Stone. His recent research in 2022 on stress resilience for Pastors is based on the survey results of more than 420 clergy from eight denominations across Canada.

  • 26 of those surveyed accepted the invitation to complete a seven-week stress resilience course and then took the survey again after the course
  • 43 took the baseline survey a second time, but did not attend the course
  • 11 of those who took the course were interviewed in greater depth

This research demonstrated that the course significantly improved stress resilience for pastors in several areas including but not limited to perceived stress, stress management knowledge, satisfaction in ministry, & decrease in emotional exhaustion.

  • I am excited for our Pastor Clusters to share in several aspects of this stress resilience course during the first three meetings of 2023 over the winter months ahead. CLICK HERE if you want to make sure you are registered to join a Pastor Cluster.
CLICK HERE for Details & Zoom Link to Participate
  • Our level of integrity is the true reflection of who we are. (Tim Elmore)
  • The young man who rings the bell at the brothel is unconsciously looking for God. (Bruce Marshall)
  • The Holy Spirit takes care of conviction, that’s not our job, but we are called to speak the truth in love. (Dan Reiland)
Give A Gift that Keeps on Giving!
Caton’s Island is focused on providing a fun, safe, amazing experience that has one purpose, to show the love of Christ to everyone who attends. Director Dean Stephenson is a proven leader worthy of your partnership. When you give to Caton’s, as a one-time gift or a monthly recurring gift, you are supporting facility upgrades, maintenance, and overall camp operations. Your gift provides a life-changing experience to campers and staff who attend each year, making your donation a greater impact than you will ever know!
  • All donations go to general operations unless stated. If you wish to give to a specific project just let us know when making a donation. CLICK HERE to make a donation now!
 Thank you so much for your generosity!
Pastors have been asking CEO Tanya Nace what projects World Hope International (Canada) has selected for their church Christmas Offerings. Here they are!
$500 helps a first responder provide clean water after a natural disaster
Video Link:$200 helps connect a home in rural Cambodia to clean tapped water
Video Link:

$55 helps provide a water filter after a disaster has removed access to clean water
Video Link:

$412 helps provide care for one patient at the LaGonave Wesleyan Hospital in Haiti
Video Link:

Click here to get slides for your church service or social media posts.



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