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XY Conference Promo

One of the highlights of District Ministerial was an exciting tag-team announcement by Brent Ingersoll (Kings) and Jim Clements (Moncton) about this year’s XY Conference at a new location – Moncton Wesleyan.

  • Brent shared their vision to see 1000 men gathering together for worship and The Word. Start making plans now for the men you will be bringing from all over the Atlantic Region.

Your prayers are appreciated for our joint missions team (both Atlantic & Central Canada) as we conclude an 11-day trip on February 2nd for pastoral training, preaching in churches, and serving at our two orphanages in The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh. Stay tuned for an update next week with opportunities for your church to partner with this growing family in the International Wesleyan Church.

Kingswood Learn Panel Discussion

President Steve Lennox provided leadership for two excellent workshops at District Ministerial on January 17-18 outlining the benefits of Kingswood Learn for the local church. The opportunity for using the existing micro courses as well as the option to upload additional content vetted by Kingswood, will be invaluable resource for raising and releasing leaders.

  • The time for Q&A, the panel discussion, and the group exercise to consider contextual application were all helpful components as we explored the best next steps for how Kingswood Learn can be a key part in our Meductic Mandate. Many of you submitted “next steps” in your survey results. Why not take a moment and add a calendar item right now for when you will take that step with Kingswood University?

An edited summary of the President’s presentation and access to all three of Dr. Steve DeNeff’s messages will be sent to all pastors by mid-February.

CLICK HERE to Check Out This Micro Course
Another Opportunity for Renewal Coming Soon!
Calling all District Pastors and Spouses

Are you needing a strategic “withdrawal to the mountain” to recharge your soul?  Or, are you feeling the challenges of this season pressing in and want to be people who “get it” and are there to help reconnect your passion and purpose to The Vine through prayer and support? This “get to” not “have to” event may be just the boost you’ve been looking for to regain your footing for the continued days of post-pandemic rebuilding ahead.

  • Come find rest and renewal as an individual and/or couple in ministry. Group sessions will be designed to encourage and empower with outdoor and indoor activities to have fun and rest the soul. Retreat led by Jay and Sharon Guptill (Made for More Ministries).

Cost is $150 per couple (highly subsidized by District USF). Join us at Beulah Camp and Conference Center. Meals in the Dining Hall and accommodations at Heritage Hall.

  • An additional District retreat with an identical focus is being considered for April 23-25, 2024, in Nova Scotia pending interest.

To register or for more Info please email Jay Guptill at or call (506) 333-2630.

Marketplace Multipliers/Missionaries Training
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Ministerial Quotes – Dr. Steve DeNeff
  • You can’t make anyone a Christian – that’s called a crusade not evangelism. What’s changing is not The Gospel but the meaning of the word salvation. We scan the particulars to identify the universals. This is the heart of sharing The Gospel.
  • You can do less for more people or do more for less people. Unleash the laity to care for souls and it will bear fruit. Timothy Witmer calls clergy to empower laity in the marketplace to provide the four marks of a shepherd: Know, Feed, Lead, & Protect.
  • If we focus on winning them to Christ, they will patronize you. If you focus on caring for them, they will listen to you.
KIngswood Learn Overview

CLICK HERE to visit Kingswood Learn and enroll for FREE high-quality, engaging, and practical micro courses.

Love New Canadians Empowers Local Churches

Love New Canadians is currently used in 9 provinces with congregations ranging from 50 to 4000. After more than 15 years of victories and defeats to learn from, it has been used in 500+ churches across Canada and has been employed by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and SIM to train churches. The three levels of curriculum engage new Canadians in our communities through general interest and spiritually curiosity using Bible-based English literacy.

Our Maine churches can also benefit from engaging with
Immigrant Ministry and Wesleyan Immigrant Connection.
SAVE THE DATE: April 12th & 13th

It’s never too early to make plans for the men in your church to be challenged and encouraged at XY MEN’S CONFERENCE – CLICK HERE for details. This year Kings (Brent Ingersoll) will be offering this at a new location – Moncton Wesleyan.



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