It’s Monday Again

Deep Water (AJ Thomas) pastoral team conducted 7 baptisms at the beach yesterday – PTL!
The Outreach Team at Amherst (Evan Oxner) mobilized more than 15 volunteers this weekend for their annual “Big Give” event. MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin was present to post a Facebook Live promo which provided an opportunity for Assistant Pastor Jamin Melanson to share the Gospel. There were approximately 150 guests who came to enjoy the free yard sale as a blessing from the church to the community.
New Hope (Scott Prime) announced this weekend they will be launching Hope Huddles this fall. This focus is a clear reminder that we can hear the call to be a DISCIPLE while avoiding the instruction to make DISCIPLES. Matthew 28 is about DISCIPLES making DISCIPLES! These smaller gatherings (Hope Huddles) will create a healthy church with the discipleship, fellowship, and prayer described in Acts 2:42.
This past Thursday & Friday the majority of District Superintendents in North America joined our General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt to conclude a year long strategic partnership with Exponential over 1.5 days of presentations and small group interaction.
The central focus of this time together was in the shift from “hero” to “hero maker” – as Exponential President Dave Ferguson shared, “Hero makers create a platform and then they let other people stand on it.”
Ralph Moore shared pearls of insight and wisdom gleaned from his interaction with Kingdom leaders around the world during the pandemic. “High-touch is necessary in a high-tech environment of hybrid ministry.” (Ralph Moore)
Points to Ponder
  • If we’re not careful, today’s innovation can become tomorrow’s institution. (Bill Cochenhour)
  • In truth, you never were in the “weekend service” business. You were in the “evangelizing the lost, assimilating the evangelized, discipling the assimilated, and unleashing the discipled” business through the centrality of the local church. (James Emery White)
  • How are we mobilizing small groups to get together and experience community? This is what people need most and what is the greatest expression of the church on mission together. (Dave Ferguson)

Tee-off begins at 1:00 p.m.
A trophy will be given to the church with the most teams and raising the most funds!

Welcome 2020 is a free, live web conference on Tuesday, August 18th from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Eastern Time where you can hear directly from pastors and local Wesleyan churches who are welcoming immigrants in a variety of contexts. To register and find out more – CLICK HERE

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
Another great resource to serve the church has been recently developed by our very own Pete Benson. A three-part video series specifically addressing the “COVID Crisis and Your Personal Finances” is freely shared for your personal use and for use within your church as you seek to empower and disciple your congregation in this critical area. CLICK HERE to access the three videos. A 10-minute preview of Part One will be sure to convince you to make use of this valuable resource with your church family.

CLICK HERE for more information about how to get involved!

Attention Church Treasurers/Bookkeepers: When your Canadian church has new staff members, the church MUST contact Helen Parker (519-703-9048; for enrollment in the Wesleyan Retirement Plan BEFORE any contributions are sent for this employee.

CLICK HERE for details about a $10,000 matching gift to help the LaGonave Wesleyan Hospital in Haiti with the costs of establishing and staffing a COVID unit to offset the decrease in volume and revenue because of the coronavirus. CLICK HERE for the full Global Partners Health Network (GPHN) newsletter article.


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