It’s Monday Again

Moncton (Joel Gorveatte) was open for worship yesterday after two weeks of online services only, due to a temporary increase to COVID Level Orange in Zone One of New Brunswick.

Joel’s brief sermon in the series, “Powerful Prayer: Scripture-fed, Spirit-led,” focused on the power of group prayer. He was then joined by four other prayer warriors on the platform. And for the next 20 minutes, the hundreds gathered in-person and online joined in the Spirit as these five prayed through the promises of Romans 12.

Discipleship is often more “caught than taught” as Believers witness the example of others. We were so blessed by the wisdom, courage, and passion of this innovative instruction for corporate intercession.

More than 20 Atlantic District Pastor Clusters are scheduled for their first meeting before the end of October. Some of those who have already met are pictured above, with the majority of the Pastor Clusters meeting this week. Here are a few comments our Ministerial Tribe are making about the shift from Zones to Clusters:
  • Our cluster gathering exceeded my expectations and we had a wonderful hour.
  • What a great first meeting together for our Pastor Cluster!
  • We had great discussion and the hour went by quickly.
  • Brené Brown’s video spoke volumes to each of us as did the document Dr. Allen Lee sent for us to read. Thank you for addressing this important area in our ministries and lives.
  • Looking forward to next month!
  • Thank you for providing all the material and making it as simple to lead as possible.
  • Great meeting with some great guys.
  • I was a little concerned about what we would do to fill 47 minutes once the video was done but we didn’t even get through all the questions!
  • Great conversations and real vulnerability.
  • I’m excited to gather with this group again.
Chief Executive Officer of World Hope International (Canada), Tanya Nace, coordinated an inspiring Board of Directors meeting this Thursday, chaired by DS Eric Hallett. The global impact and fiscal strength of our relief and development arm during these challenging days is reflecting unprecedented blessing and provision.
One of many highlights included an impressive summary of the support and scope for WHI-C at the Online Gala the end of May. Previous Gala events have not been broadcast online and the exponential exposure and response was an incredible point of celebration. This necessary adaptation has birthed permanent changes in future vision casting. The passion, skill, and effectiveness of this team has resulted in partnership with approximately 60% of churches in The Wesleyan Church of Canada.
Congratulations to Jamin & Naomi Melanson (Amherst) on the very happy arrival of their son Caleb Matthias Melanson (9 lbs. 4 oz.) on October 21, 2020!
Every new little one who joins our ministerial family is a precious miracle. And sometimes a little backstory shines an even brighter light on the power of prayer and the provision of God’s mighty hand. Jamin took time this week to pen the beautiful account of how Caleb’s birth was an exceptional demonstration of the faithfulness of Jehovah Jireh. Grab a box of Kleenex and CLICK HERE to share in their joy as God is glorified!
Points to Ponder
  • Grace is not opposed to effort; it is opposed to earning. (Dallas Willard)
  • It is grace, nothing but grace, that we are allowed to live in community with Christian brethren. (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  • People are every bit as dominated by shame and guilt today as they were in more traditional times, but they don’t have the words for it anymore. (Tim Keller)

ATTN YOUTH PASTORS: Make sure the teens in your church are impacted by this year’s virtual Encounter on November 6th from Kingswood University! CLICK HERE to learn how to host a watch party for your youth group for this virtual event.

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
  • Check out these great resources above at – we are blessed by the many ways our denominational leadership serves the front lines of the local church.
Another great resource to serve the church has been recently developed by our very own Pete Benson. A three-part video series specifically addressing the “COVID Crisis and Your Personal Finances” is freely shared for your personal use and for use within your church as you seek to empower and disciple your congregation in this critical area. CLICK HERE to access the three videos. A 10-minute preview of Part One will be sure to convince you to make use of this valuable resource with your church family.



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