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Church services across the Atlantic District included Remembrance Day highlights yesterday. The ultimate sacrifice paid for our freedoms by so many must never be forgotten. This has a powerful spiritual parallel in the words of the writer of Hebrews who turns our eyes to a “great cloud of witnesses.”

A para-church ministry board on which I serve, prayerfully celebrated this week the life of one of our long-standing members, Pastor H. H. Barber, founder of “Faith to Live By” in Winnipeg. He was the Lead Pastor of Calvary Temple there for 40 years and was promoted to glory just days ago at 98 years of age. May we all stand tall on the sacrificial and faithful shoulders of those who have gone before as we work together to see His Kingdom come. #spiritualfoundations

Last week as Framework (Bud Fancy) concluded a sermon series in the Youth ministry, there were 8 students who accepted Jesus and 16 others who recommitted their life to following Jesus – PTL!!! Next Gen Pastor Parker Davis shared, “There were also 4 who signed up to be baptized. Please join me in celebration of God’s Spirit moving in Aroostook County – a huge kingdom win!”

The leaders pictured above are the pioneers of the Framework (Bud Fancy) Discipleship Pathway and have been running groups of 20 or more (including kids) since the start of the COVID shutdown. This was an outflow of the 2025 Vision in Phase One to Renew Discipleship Pathways.

Strategic Multiplication Pastor Jason Blaikie shared, “It was great to hear about the obstacles they have had to over come in order to prioritize community and spiritual growth. The fruit however was leaders, being developed, people feeling like they belong, growth happening because their community is challenging and walking beside each other, and the Great Commission is being worked out in groups, not alone.” #contextualeffectiveness

It was a joy to connect this week by Facebook audio with Dr. Atef, National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Standard Church of Egypt. He shared that in recent weeks two new churches have been started (one in Luxor and the other in an undisclosed location) – Praise God!

There is an excellent opportunity to encourage and resource our Wesleyan family in Egypt by considering support for this church plant and conference center in Badr City (CLICK HERE). Progress is continuing with this major project and answer to prayer (CLICK HERE for a video update). You or your church family may be looking for a special focus this American Thanksgiving or Christmas and this investment in the International Wesleyan Church is worthy of your timely consideration and support. #globalcollective

The Caton’s Island Session of the Camp Board met this week to follow-up on action items determined in September. The effective leadership of Director Dean Stephenson and his team was celebrated through the spiritual results and financial strength evidenced in the pandemic summer camps. Caton’s Island was only one of four overnight camps to operate across Canada and received an excellent report from a mid-summer health inspector. Plans are already well underway for next summer and there will soon be new opportunities to invest in how God is changing lives – stay tuned!

On October 24th, World Hope International Canada partnered with Hillside (Jay Guptill) to host training for a Canadian network of emergency response volunteers. Forty volunteers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Maine joined either online or in-person. These individuals are deployed within hours of a natural disaster and are first on the ground bringing hope to communities by providing fresh water. Chief Executive Officer Tanya Nace shared, “At our training, we heard stories from previous first-responders, learned how to pack and deploy within 6 hours, and were given techniques to prevent heat exhaustion. These water warriors are my inspiration!

The Atlantic District is partnering with WHI Canada to provide the opportunity for you to participate in giving to bring hope to the vulnerable. World Hope has selected these three urgent and important projects (CLICK HERE) for your church to take up a special Christmas offering and make a kingdom impact globally.

The Wesleyan Church of Canada (TWCC) is pleased to report we have renegotiated the terms of our corporate Bell Aliant cell phone plan with significant cost savings to pastors and church employees. The new plan options include but are not limited to:
  • Monthly costs on our plans are REDUCED by approximately $7 to $15 per month
  • FREE Canada to U.S. long distance calling is included on all plans
  • LOWER costs for upgrades to newer phones every 36 months (vs. every 30 months)
  • Data options ranging from $33/month for 3GB to $60/month for 10GB

The new pricing automatically goes into effect next month. For full details please contact the District Office.

If your local church or specialized ministry is NOT part of the national Wesleyan cell phone plan and you would like to join, kindly fill in this form (CLICK HERE) and send it to Troy Wilson at The more people who are part of our plan, the greater the likelihood that we can continue to negotiate even lower rates in the future.

Over 800 students gathered in Encounter 2020 Watch Parties in youth groups across North America on Friday night for the first-ever online Kingswood University Encounter. Students were challenged to “Prepare for What Matters Most” through worship, student/alumni testimonies, and a powerful message delivered by Zach Coffin.  Reports are coming in of students who made first-time commitments to Christ, recommitted their lives, or have accepted a call into ministry!
Other Church News…
  • Kings (Brent Ingersoll) was featured in HQ’s WesLife Newsletter as the results and community stories of Love Week provided an inspirational impact across North America. Brent invests in Kingdom growth and discipleship weekly with a Monday Minute worthy of your consideration. Check out last week’s blog about the importance of struggles. CLICK HERE to subscribe.
  • Special thanks to Dr. Allen Lee (AD Clergy Care Coordinator) and Dr. Ken Neilson for their leadership in Fredericton and Halifax. Nearly 25 ministers benefited from this focused day for Pastoral Considerations for Personal Pandemic Impact.
  • Amherst (Evan Oxner) had over 300 kids to trunk or treat (approximately 400-500 total with adult guests). While service attendance is still not at pre-COVID levels (as with all churches), the first Sunday of November had about 80 in attendance plus about a dozen in children’s ministry – an encouraging upward trend!
Points to Ponder
  • There is no such thing as microwave Christianity, if you are going to be like Jesus, it is something that is cultivated through years of abiding. (Brent Ingersoll)
  • Genesis 13 is not ancient history. It is as contemporary as tomorrow’s newspaper. Will you seek the favour of man and pitch your tent toward Sodom, or will you set up camp in the heights and maintain intimacy with God? (Pastor H. H. Barber)
  • No short cut exists for a deeper spiritual life. The man who would know God, must give time to Him. (A. W. Tozer)

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
  • Check out these great resources above at – we are blessed by the many ways our denominational leadership serves the front lines of the local church.
Another great resource to serve the church has been recently developed by our very own Pete Benson. A three-part video series specifically addressing the “COVID Crisis and Your Personal Finances” is freely shared for your personal use and for use within your church as you seek to empower and disciple your congregation in this critical area. CLICK HERE to access the three videos. A 10-minute preview of Part One will be sure to convince you to make use of this valuable resource with your church family.



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