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After a 1.5 month pastoral search with the Woods Harbour LBA (pictured above), it was announced at yesterday’s service that a Candidate for Lead Pastor has been unanimously nominated for congregational vote. I am grateful for the help and counsel of our Assistant DS (Scott Prime) throughout this process and for the godly wisdom of this group of leaders who love their church and community and have a continued vision to sacrificially invest in reaching the lost. Special thanks to Pastors Jason & Carolina Parker for their fruitful and inspiring season of leadership – great days ahead for Coastal Church as you begin serving full-time this July.
On February 21st, Rev. Tim Conrad will be candidating at Woods Harbour and a pastoral vote will be held following the service. Tim & Jenna and their boys (“Theo” – Theodore & “Jet” – Jethro) will be engaging in a 100% virtual candidating process over the next three weeks. They hail from Brockville, ON and he is an Ordained Minister in the Central Canada District.
A Special Announcement from the Desk of President Steve Lennox

We’re concerned about the effects of the ongoing pandemic on churches and pastors. Those of us at Kingswood University want to help. We’re offering several free resources for local churches and pastors:

  • Sermons: We’ve recorded two sermons which churches can use to provide a respite for those preaching. We plan to provide more sermons in the coming weeks.
  • Greeting and update: We have included a brief video update on how God has been working at Kingswood University during the past 10 months. Churches deserve to know how we’re stewarding their investment.
  • Free classes: Pastors may welcome the opportunity to sit in on a virtual class session to learn more about a topic of interest. The care package contains a list of classes and syllabi for those classes. Anyone interested can contact our Registrar for more information or to register ( or 506-432-4406).
  • Seminar on Personal Wellness: We’ve provided a video file to a seminar presented by Dr. Allen Lee, Professor of Christian Counselling at Kingswood University.
  • Youth group: Seasoned youth speakers, Shaun Miller and Zach Painter, are happy to lead a virtual youth service for an evening. If COVID-related restrictions allow, this could be done in-person. Anyone interested should contact

KU is also celebrating some unexpected good newsCLICK HERE to check it out! We hope these resources help lift the load for churches or pastors in these challenging times. If anyone has questions, they can contact me at

The Beulah Session of the Camp Board met this week to address a variety of matters pertaining to the oversight and operation of our district camp ministry. Tami Mutch-Ketch continues to provide focus and innovation in the outcomes of this action-oriented, advisory group of leaders. A special planning team was appointed to begin exploring the potentialfor an on-site version of Beulah Family Camp this summer pending pandemic restrictions. Stay tuned for updates over the winter!
It is not highlighted often enough. The Atlantic District is incredibly indebted to a large number of leaders who continually invest in the faithful and fruitful expression of our shared mission through our core values. The DBA Executive pictured above provides ongoing and high-level counsel in timely ways that are behind the scenes. The same is true about our DBMD Executive. The full membership of the DBA, DBMD, and both sessions of the Camp Board provide essential oversight and wisdom in countless ways that make our Atlantic tribe stronger together. Thank you!
Points to Ponder
  • Idolatry consists in harnessing God for our purposes, regarding Yahweh as a reliable ally in our interests, so that God finally becomes useful to us. (Walter Brueggemann)
  • Most leaders could learn from their mistakes if they were not so busy denying them. (Craig Groeschel)
  • Jesus wept as one with hope, but his hope did not diminish his weeping. (Tish Harrison Warren) #lament #healthygrief

Good News Youth Pastors/Leaders: Zach Coffin, Next Gen Multiplication & Discipleship Director, is GIVING AWAY Fuel 2021 for FREE to your local church! In the midst of this difficult season, people are longing for real connection. Are you looking for a flexible way to connect, care for, and train your Next Gen leaders? Join hundreds of Next Gen leaders over the weekend of February 19-20 for Fuel 2021. Fuel 2021 will be a FREE  downloadable event that you can use to equip and inspire your volunteers & leaders. No matter what restrictions are in place, this “Fuel-in-a-Box” resource kit will give you everything you need to host a 3-hour leader gathering or go digital with solid encouraging content you and your leaders can access from anywhere.

General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt shares about the Rethink Small Conference in this short video. The Atlantic District has obtained a license to provide every church with the digital elements of the upcoming Rethink Small Conference. This gives you and your church access to over 20 HD teaching videos from leaders across our denomination and beyond. It also gives you access to PDF files of the conference notebook and planning guide. Nearly 10 churches have already received copies of this excellent resource. If you are interested in these tools to use in your church, please CLICK HERE to request the download link.

Staying on top of your mental health has always been important, but it certainly seems to be even more pressing in our current season. With that in mind, Yarmouth (AJ Plaizier) offered an online seminar recently featuring Dr. Allen Lee (Program Director of the Christian Counselling program at Kingswood University and  Atlantic District Clergy Care Coordinator). CLICK HERE to view this presentation hosted by Mark Brewer with practical strategies to help us stay mentally healthy during these challenging days.

Kingswood University is excited to announce a full range of online options to prepare for ministry for the 21st century. Now you can study fully online for the ministry, whether on the certificate, undergraduate, or graduate level! #Prepareforwhatmattersmost

Do you still believe in the power of prayer? If so, Rev. Mark Parker, our National Director for Church Multiplication is building a TWCC NATIONAL PRAYER FORCE and he would like you to join him in asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up a new generation of church planting leaders for Canada and the state of Maine. Doing God’s work has to be done in God’s way. This means that we need the power and the force of the Holy Spirit to go before us. We have not because we ask not. Let’s first begin on our knees! Will you join the National Prayer Force? If so, text the word “force” to 226-400-4418 and let’s advance first on our knees! When you sign up, Rev. Parker will begin to share regular prayer requests from across the nation as we move forward together in planting new churches. Make sure you include your email address and your mobile number. Thank you for being a part of this force for God and for good!

What if COVID-19 is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for leaders to think more strategically
about doing church?
(Will Mancini)
Check out these great resources above at – we are blessed by the many ways our denominational leadership serves the front lines of the local church.


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