Monday Again

Hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Jesus offers a hand-up and out through Celebrate Recovery for those willing to take the first step. The Celebrate Recovery Forum hosted this weekend by Deep Water (AJ Thomas) was a massive Kingdom win. The Friday night session included 76 people, registrants for the forum and regular attenders – 12 of whom showed up for the first time! The 47 Saturday participants (pictured above) represented clergy and laity from 14 churches and ministries, ten of which were Wesleyan – AmherstConnectionCrosspointDeep WaterMonctonNew HopeWoods HarbourWoodstockYarmouth, and Correctional Service Chaplaincy (Rev. Judy Adams).
Hats off to Deep Water CR Director Shaun MacKenzie and his team for their excellent planning and execution of a first-rate forum experience which resulted in Saturday’s purchase of at least four starter kits to expand this ministry through Wesleyan leaders and churches in our region. The testimonies of transformation in these CR leaders was powerful. Every number has a name. And every name has a story. It’s why we count and it’s why we do what we do.

  • After preaching yesterday morning at Hope (Carl & Evelyn Brewer), I met with the newly appointed Local Advisory Council (LAC) as we looked to the future for this vibrant, high-energy congregation. The amazing ministry of the Brewers in the restart of this work in recent years cannot be overstated – praise be to God for their faithfulness and fruitfulness!
  • This week allowed for two special opportunities to be with Hillside (Jay Guptill) as we shared leadership in a funeral together on Thursday and I attended one of the weekend services on Saturday evening with Moe Diggs. The altar was lined as Moe and Jay prayed with seekers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Tim Long (Live Well Community) shares that, “On December 27th we learned of a gentleman in our community on a fixed income who had his hot water tank explode on Christmas Eve. The replacement cost for a new one to be installed is $500-$600. We started a social media post that evening and within two hours had all the funds donated from people in the community and a local plumber donated his time and travel for the installation the next day. It was a great example of the church and community working together to solve a need.”
  • The National Board convened via Zoom this week as National Superintendent Dr. HC Wilson continues to lead us through next steps in the structural and governance components of The Wesleyan Church of Canada (TWCC).
  • On January 7th, Crosspoint (Mark Brewer) celebrated 6 baptisms, 4 salvations, & 4 dedications.
  • Shawn Craven (Havelock, NS) shares this highlight from January 6th, “Saturday a tough group of people braved -15C (-25C wind-chill) and blizzard conditions to gather and deliver firewood to a home in our community. A perfect picture of what the Church is supposed to look like!”
  • Scott Prime (New Hope) tweeted this room full of volunteers praying this past week! #beautifulthing
  • Evan Oxner (Amherst) shared that yesterday morning, “Despite it being -7C outside, Pastor Jamin baptized two people in our outdoor tank! We live-streamed the baptism into the sanctuary and then brought the candidates inside so we could celebrate!”

Celebrate Recovery Thot: If we want to keep our recovery we have to give it away. (Shaun MacKenzie)
On Second CR Thot: God recycles our pain to give others hope. (Shaun MacKenzie)
Bonus Thot: Pride is like bad breath. Everyone else knows you have it but you! (Moe Diggs)



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