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It has been three weeks since I last communicated with you through “Under Sail.”  Many things have transpired: Rev. Jack Fancy, one of our retired pastors was promoted to Glory; my brother-in-law, Robert Pinch, passed away and I took part in his funeral in Ontario; a tree fell on the McDowell dorm at Beulah; the Beulah Camp truck had to be replaced (it was “$500-dollaring” us to death!); I taught a Pastoral Ministries class at BBC for Dr. Stephen Elliott; Woodstock Wesleyan celebrated 120 years of history; other “stuff” happened between the big pieces and the minutia; and time flew by!  Here are a few details:
Rev. Jack Fancy, one of our beloved retired pastors, was hospitalized late Wednesday evening.  It saddens me to have to report that last night while undergoing surgery he passed away.
The funeral arrangements have been confirmed with both visitation and the funeral taking place at Kings Valley Wesleyan Church in Quispamsis, NB. Visitation will be this Wednesday from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm, and again on Thursday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.  The funeral will be at 1:00 pm on Thursday followed by a reception.
Pastor Jack loved pastoring.  He was a man of God, a man of strong conviction, and a man used by God to reach people for Christ.  Pastors and spouses, I strongly urge you, if at all possible, to be in attendance at Pastor Jack’s funeral.
Please keep his wife, Pauline, in your prayers as well as their children and family connection.  Their daughter is Brenda (Rev. Wayne) Robertson and they serve in the Houlton Wesleyan Church.  Their son is Rev. Bud (Irene) Fancy, and they serve in the Pulaski Wesleyan Church in NY.  Pastor Jack and Pauline’s oldest son, Bruce, predeceased his father and is survived by his wife, Twylla.
A large pine tree next to the McDowell Dorm on Beulah Campground blew over in a windstorm and fell on the roof of the building.  It hit the end nearest the river and did over $10,000 worth of damage.   The tree was rotted out on the inside.  Ironically, Bruce Cheney, Beulah’s caretaker, had been in the process of culling out some of our larger and potentially dangerous trees.  Repairs to the dorm will get underway in the next few days.
Some of our churches sponsored a Trunk or Treat Event for Hallowe’en: – Truro, Amherst, and Kings Valley
Pastor Ken Banks of Central Nova Wesleyan – Truro says they had approximately 160 children pass through their doors over a two-hour period, plus parents.  Along with passing out treats, they had a games/prize area, and provided a photo-shoot area to capture the memories.  Central Nova is also going to have a follow up event at the church in two weeks to try and build some bridges with these families. This is the third year that the church has done this, and the numbers have grown each year (110, 130, 160).
Pastor Raymond Fancy, Amherst Wesleyan Church, shares that they held their second annual Trunk or Treat at the church on October 31st and had over 150 children plus their parents drop by for a visit, some treats, and some fun.  It was a great night!  Then, on Sunday, November 2nd, the church hosted for the first time a fundraiser for the local food bank.  This was initiated by the church.  Pastor Ken invited five choirs, plus Central Nova’s choir, to sing praise and give thanks for what God has given to us.  They collected almost $800 in cash for the food bank plus over $500 worth of groceries!  All of this was topped off with a record crowd of 240!  The building was filled to the max!
The third Trunk or Treat I received information on was Kings Valley Wesleyan in Quispamsis (Pastor Jim Agrell).  This has become an annual event at KVWC over several years.  Both multi-purpose auditoriums are in use for this event and approximately 70 people make their trunks available in the parking lot for all the treats.  Hundreds of people including children and parents made this part of their evening activities.  This has proven to be a great outreach to the community.
I received word the morning of October 31st that my brother-in-law, Robert Pinch, passed away in Toronto after an extended stay in the hospital.  Joanne and I flew to Toronto that weekend to be with family, and I took part in Bob’s funeral service on Monday, November 3rd.  Bob was married to my sister, Verda, and Bob’s sister, Annette (Bob) MacCallum, lives in Moncton.  She and her husband attend the Moncton Wesleyan Church.
Pastor Dwayne Hopkins, Scarborough Coastal Community Wesleyan, shares some praise notes: First, CCWC was given 2 new boilers, and not only did they receive the boilers, but the labor and materials for installation were donated as well.  Second, the church is a few weeks into Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.”  Nearly 20 families are attending including several from the community.  Third, on September 15 CCWC will be sending their fourth Missions team for 2008 to Guatemala.  Over 35 people have gone this year alone, under the direction of the church’s Missions Director, Penny Ducharme.  Lastly, CCWC’s Celebration Choir has been invited to sing at the following local events: Scarborough’s Christmas Tree Lighting; Festival of Trees (Westbrook); and the Youth Correction Center in their area.
The first weekend in November Halifax Deep Water celebrated its first Birthday!  There were 143 people in church.  One year ago, 75 people attended the Launch Service.  This has been an amazing year for this church plant.  Pastor A.J. Thomas says things are going well at Deep Water these days.  They are growing numerically and spiritually, and they have achieved a level of financial stability that is well ahead of where you would think a one-year old church would be.  Pastor AJ says, “God is at work and He has been good and faithful.”
Pastor Connie (Duane) Stewart shares a praise note from Shelburne Wesleyan Church.  Pastor Connie began a new series on Sunday, October 26th called “The God Questions.”  The first message was entitled “Is God Real?” and at the close of the service two people rededicated their lives to the Lord.
Fredericton – Crosspoint is taking a group to Israel this coming April and they’d like to extend an invitation for others around the District to join them.  The group will be co-led by Pastor Tim Guptill and Dr. Wilbur Williams.  Dr. Williams is a professor of Biblical Literature and Archaeology at IWU, and has been active on archaeological digs for over 30 years, mostly in Israel and North Africa.  He’s gone to Israel 95 times!  The dates for this trip are April 27-May 6, 2009.  For more details and information contact Pastor Tim Guptill at (506) 452-7110 or tim@crosspointchurch.ca.
I received word from Pastor Jasper and Debbie Rideout (Westchester Wesleyan) that Debbie has a tumor in the canal between her left ear and her brain.  They do not believe it is cancerous at this point in time.  All the nerves for the left ear and left side of Debbie’s face are located in this canal.  The tumor is pressing the nerves to her ear, thus causing a hearing loss.  She is also experiencing pains in that side of her head, and some occasional numbness.  Debbie is being referred to a couple of surgeons in Halifax and she will no doubt have to undergo surgery to remove the tumor.  Both Debbie and Jasper would appreciate your prayers in this matter.
Millville Wesleyan Church has a van they are trying to sell because they are no longer able to fund its operation.  It’s a 2000 Ford Econoline 15 Passenger Van with 155,000 km on it.  They would like to see this van used by a church, but are in need of the cash from the sale.  They are advertising it in other publications and are asking $7000 for it.  If interested, please contact Justin R. McGuigan at (506) 463-0093.
Bethany Bible College has approximately 200 older hymnals they would like to give away to any interested church (or churches).  It is the “Hymnal for Worship and Celebration” and they are brown in colour.  The hymnals were used in the Nicholson Hall Chapel.  Please contact Rob Trafton at traftonr@bbc.ca or call him at (506) 432-4400 if you have interest or questions.
Wood’s Harbour Wesleyan Church (Pastor Steve & Maggie Bean) took a work team to Ukraine recently to assist the Allisons and the World Hope ministry there.  They worked a number of hours in the Hope House garden preparing it for spring planting.  They also helped in the garage getting it ready to spackle, and provided a complete “face lift” to the kitchen at the First Step Centre.  Kerry and Carole Allison say this team contributed to huge changes all around, and their work is greatly appreciated.
Woodstock Wesleyan Church celebrated its 120th Anniversary this past weekend.  On November 3, 1888, on a Saturday afternoon and evening in the town of Woodstock, NB, a denomination was organized to be known as the Reformed Baptist Church of Canada.  It was formed with 41 charter members and Rev. George W. McDonald was called to be the first pastor of the Woodstock Reformed Baptist Church.  The following day fifteen more members were added.  This is our “mother church.”  In 1966, the Reformed Baptist Church merged with the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and became what is now known as the Atlantic District of The Wesleyan Church.
The service on the weekend was filled with music and testimonies from the past and present.  I had the privilege of bringing the message. In addition, the church honored their pastors.  Special mention was made of Pastor Dale and Sherry MacDonald who have ministered in this church for 25 years.  The pastoral team also includes Neil and Heidi Horner, and Donnie and Stephanie MacDougal Congratulations to the pastoral staff, the lay leadership, and the congregation on reaching a very significant milestone on your journey!
“Every person is responsible for all the good within the scope of his abilities, and for no more.”   – Gail Hamilton

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